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Coolest Corded Polishers: Best Quality and Best for Your Budget

  • Polishers From Makita and Dewalt


    Keeping an electric polisher in your tool repertoire ensures you always have the professional pizazz your projects need – and because these polishers are so uncommonly versatile, you can usually buff up your projects, and sand, and grind them all with the same tool. To use a power polisher to its fullest potential, models from Makita and Dewalt are built to take your working experience to a new level of brilliance.

    For the most heavy-duty work, Makita’s 9227C (7″) electronic sander-polisher delivers some of the most shining finishes in the business. Delivering impeccably polished results and the ability to easily convert into a sander, the tool is not only a professional polisher, but a conveniently versatile power tool as well. Offering variable speeds from 0 – 3,000 RPM the tool is ideal for both slow, meticulous projects as well as more aggressive applications. These variable speeds additionally ensure maximum operator control over the tool’s 10 amp motor and each task it performs – this allows craftsmen to match every application with its most appropriate speed. Electronic speed control also works to ensure the tool maintains its speed under load for always smooth and absolutely consistent results. This 9227C sander-polisher kit (including a hook-and-loop pad, hex wrench, a hoop handle, and side handle) ranges in price from about $200 – $220.

    For a lighter-duty, high-quality polisher, Dewalt’s DW849 (7″ / 9″) variable speed sander-grinder-polisher offers craftsmen more than just a versatile tool – with the capacities to consistently do more and do better than you thought it could, this tool is an asset to any shop or jobsite. With an 8 amp motor and all ball bearing construction, the tool is aggressive and durable, but also smooth operating to swiftly master each application, and with a durable spindle lock, the tool offers simple accessory changes and the ability to easily alternate between polishing and sanding. Heat-treated, precision cut gears additionally contribute to the tool’s smooth functionality and overall longevity to ensure your results are exemplary with every use. An electronic module maintains speed under load, and with variable speeds ranging from 0 – 3,000 RPM, you have the freedom to set different speeds to each different application. The DW849 sander-grinder-polisher kit (including a 2-position side handle, rubber backing pad, and clamp nut) prices at around $165 – $190.

    To achieve the best polishing (and etc) performance, a corded power polisher delivers the big power and the smooth precision to make your projects look beautiful and, well, polished. One of these models is certain to powerfully enhance your working experience as well as your results.