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Better Ideas for Your Utility Trailer, with Brad Mepham & People Builders UT

Posted by Mallory Kramer on January 29, 2015

People Builders Utah and the Utility Trailer of Total Efficiency

One’s success can be predicted by the efficiency of his workspace. Enhance your own efficiency with a few tips from local non-profit group, People Builders Utah – the foundation helping Utah families, one custom wheelchair ramp at a time.

This is not just plywood, and paint, and some metal; this is people’s lives.”

Brad Mepham, Director of People Builders Utah, Non-Profit Foundation


M&M Tool and Machinery is proud to work with People Builders Utah to create a better community. For more than 5 years, People Builders Utah has been devoted to fostering better lives for disadvantaged Utahans and their families. Focusing their non-profit energy into crafting high-performance wheelchair ramps for Utah children who can’t walk, the primary goal of this foundation is simply to make “home” a more accessible space.

But it’s not just about function – at People Builders Utah, they understand that one’s home should be both accessible and beautiful. With expert craftsmanship, People Builders Utah not only builds and installs a customized wheelchair ramp, they restore beauty and balance, too. In terms of both usefulness and curb-appeal, the process becomes a transformation of the entire front-end of a home.

Installing features that enhance the beauty, value and functionality of a family’s home, People Builders Utah views each ramp as an asset and customizes it accordingly. Each ramp is built specifically for each individual family. And, on top of that customization, these ramps are also crafted with sustainable building methods and materials, like recycled metal, reclaimed and renewable materials, and solar lights.

Directed by Brad Mepham, who is kind, generous, tenacious and hilarious, People Builders Utah has built and installed more than 200 custom wheelchair ramps for Utah families. This kind of undertaking requires total efficiency, something Brad is a champion of, and it shows. People Builders Utah operates out of a 7,000 square-foot full production metal and wood fabrication shop, but, when on the job, they rely on an enclosed utility trailer. As People Builders Utah is no ordinary foundation, in kind, they utilize a very extraordinary trailer. What’s inside this shop-on-wheels may surprise you.

Outfitted to run power and compressed air, and equip with a workbench, miter stand, and full 8-foot drawers for clamps and levels (just to name a few things), this trailer takes utility to a whole new level. Check out their custom trailer to see how People Builders works so efficiently, and get some great ideas for your own work space, too. Click below to watch the video now.

Click here to learn more about the People Builders Utah non-profit group, or to donate to their foundation.