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Bosch Drill Brush Replacement

  • Changing your bosch drill brushes is just one of those things we’re all going to have to do at one time or another. Fortunately though, replacing the brushes in your Bosch drill is a very simple process once you have just a few steps under your belt.


    The first of these steps may seem a bit self-explanatory, but, as we all know, a simple mistake can take hold of anyone at anytime; I figure it’s much better to be safe than sorry. So, begin with reading your drill’s manual. This is more important than you might think; you’ll find valuable information pertaining to your brush repair and to other repairs in the future. You’ll also want to double check that your brushes are the exact pair that is specific to your drill’s model; others will not perform in your drill. Finally, you’ll also want to double check, that your drill is absolutely off.

    From this point you need to locate the brushes on your drill; they should be at the back
    of the tool. To expose them you will have either an end cap or brush covers. Each are a part of the housing (usually a different color) that can be removed without opening-up the entire drill housing. The end cap will be a dome-shaped piece at the very back of the drill, and the brush covers
    (pictured on the right) will be located (also at the back) on either side of the tool. If the drill does not have either, you will need to entirely open-up the housing, which is, essentially, no more difficult, but the brushes may be a bit more hidden. They will, however, be at the back of the motor at the very back of the tool. 

    Once you have access to the brushes, simply slide them out of their guide sleeves and replace them with the new brushes. Be sure to replace the new brushes in the exact orientation the old ones were removed. Also be sure that the brushes are making complete contact with armature. And, as if that weren’t simple enough, you’re done. Well, almost, I suppose. 

    Reassemble the tool carefully to ensure everything goes back together correctly and give the tool a quick whirl testing the drill’s functions and ensuring all is well. If by some terrible chance all has not gone well, make sure that simple mistake hasn’t grabbed hold of you and retrace your steps. If no mistake becomes apparent, take the the drill to a Bosch factory authorized service center for a more complete inspection.

    And that’s it; remember your manual and to always be focused and you should champion that Bosch drill brush replacement in no time.