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Bosch's MRC23EVSK 2.3HP Combination Plunge and Fixed-Base Router Pack

  • Two Routers in One?


    Investing in a router combination kit is one of the smartest decisions a woodworker can make. These combo kits are versatile, efficient and economical and offer crafters greater functionality from a more efficient resource. Providing both a fixed base router and a plunge base router that simply share the same motor, these kits are proficient and quite a bit like having two industrial routers in one.

    So, across the board, combination router kits are awesome and economical, but Bosch has taken the high-performance efficiency of these packs to an entirely new level. In fact, the Bosch MRC23EVSK 2.3 HP combination router pack is one of the most impressive tool kits to release in a long while. With innovative features, intense power and precision, and the functionality of two sophisticated power tools, this router pack is a true-blue exceptional.

    To get a little more technical, these routers are powered by a 2.3 HP motor that offers both variable speeds (10,000 – 25,000 RPM), a soft start feature (which reduces start-up torque), Constant-Response circuitry (to maintain constant speed under load) and all the precision and power you need to work with delicate materials or with thick hardwoods. Additionally, the motor and router bases are outfitted with electrical contact strips that (when matched between the base and motor) channel electrical current directly from the motor and into the tools’ switch. This mechanism makes possible the routers’ trigger control system, one of the coolest features on these tools and and the first of its kind in the industry.

    The trigger switch system in this router pack relocates the tools’ switches to the handles of each base (rather than directly on the motor) providing greater controllability, comfort and operator safety. These are finger grip, lockable triggers that eliminate the awkward one-handed starts and stops you’ll find in other comparable router kits. The system is actually quite groundbreaking and makes a pleasant difference when operating the tools. Of course, the router handles are also contoured, soft-grip handles for ergonomic comfort and enhanced controllability.

    The routers additionally feature an always-on LED system with a series of LED lights around the spindle that are, as the name indicates, always on. Essentially, any time the motor is plugged-in, these LEDs provide a clear, illuminated view of the workspace surrounding the bit area. Additionally, the motor’s cord features a ball-joint swiveling mount for handy mobility and greater maneuverability under, essentially, all circumstances. The tools also boast a two-stage quick clamp system for fast tool-free conversion and a precision centering design which allow users to maintain the exact cut-line when using guidance devices like jigs, templates and dovetail fixtures.

    To get a little more technical still, the plunge router in this combo features a smooth plunge action with a spring-lock plunge lever and a depth rod for simple and precise plunge routing, and with Afterlock Microfine Depth Adjustments, modifications are smooth and exact at any plunge setting. The fixed-base router also features versatile depth adjustment with a continuous Microfine adjustment range, and because the kit also includes an adjustment wrench, adjustments are simple through the optional router table as well. The fixed-base is also designed with threaded holes for simple mounting to a router table (in the common three-hole pattern).

    So, the kit is seriously awesome and in addition to all this awesomeness, the MRC23EVSK also includes (with the fixed base, the plunge base and the router motor) a 1/4″ and 1/2″self-releasing collet chuck, a 16mm shaft wrench, 24mm collet nut wrench, a T-handle hex height adjustment wrench, three M4 screws for table mounting, and a carrying case with built-in compartments for all items included.