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The Perfect Pneumatic Pin Nailer

  • For many folks a pneumatic pin nailer is the saving grace of a busy or stressful workday, for many others, a pneumatic pin nailer is the go-to tool for craft, hobby, and home projects. Ultimately, these tools are versatile, powerful, precise, and effective for every degree of craftsmen. Determining which pin nailer is best suited to you and your needs, though, can be a struggle. To help alleviate some of these pains and possibly lessen the pressure of your search, I’ve done some research of my own on the industry’s best, brightest, and most affordable pneumatic pin nailers.

    For the most heavy-duty pneumatic nailing, Senco’s line of pneumatic tools is one that truly never fails to impress; with innovation, design, and all-around style, Senco nailers, like the FinishPro 11, a 23 gauge pin nailer, remain in a league of their own. Perfect for your most detailed and intricate projects, this micro pinner is both lightweight and powerful with the extra punch for effective use in harder materials. Additionally, pins fasten securely and leave behind them a virtually invisible hole with no splitting to your materials.

    The tool is comfortable to use, and with an aluminum housing the tool is durable to withstand the trials, bumps, and bruises of pneumatic tool life. The pinner drives 23 gauge, headless micro pins from 1″ – 2″ in length with the power to slide through tough materials while also not splitting or marring your projects and as the tool weighs only 2.9 lbs, it is extremely comfortable to operate throughout awkward or continuous work. Ultimately, with comfort, precision, and power, the pinner is ideal for molding, cabinets, trim, and etc, and pricing at about $240 – $250, the nailer is definitely an investment, but one that will continuously deliver professional, powerful, high-performance results.

    Senco’s FinsihPro10 (23 gauge) pin nailer is another example of Senco’s line of brilliant pneumatic machines. At only 2.35 lbs the tool is ultra compact and lightweight to ensure strained, awkward, or continuous use is simpler and more comfortable for operators. Ideal for the most intricate finish, trim, and remodeling work, the FinishPro 10 fastens securely while still only making a virtually imperceptible hole in your materials
    . With this pinner, your results are professionally smooth to the smallest detail, and with a hardened steel driver ensuring the tool’s longevity and a smooth metal cap to protect your working materials, the pinner is both durable and delicately precise.
    The tool is simple to load, and with a low load indicator, the tool warns you before the magazine empties. The nailer shoots 1/2″ – 1″ fasteners, and with the help of a rear exhaust system,your work is protected from damaging oil and dust. Altogether, this pin nailer is built with sophistication for smooth, powerful, comfortable use in even hard woods and rough materials, and pricing at just about $130, the nailer is a smart, affordable addition to your tool repertoire.

    Porter-Cable is another superior performer in the world of pneumatics; built with durable innovation, and brilliant speed and power, Porter-Cable’s PIN100 1″ pin nailer is uncommonly awesome in a variety of tough applications. Shooting 23 gauge micro pin nails from 1/2″ to 1″ long, the tool automatically adjusts to different fastener lengths to ensure that your pins are not only permanently tight, but always in the right place as well. Additionally, the tool’s bottom load magazine holds 170 micro pin nails, and because it also has a nail reload indicator, empty magazines will be the least of your worries.

    The nailer is extremely lightweight weighing only 2 lbs; this compact design provides optimized access into tight spaces, corners, and awkward spots – ultimately keeping you more comfortable and your materials more protected from the potential dents or dings of a bulkier tool. The pinner’s rear exhaust port channels debris, tool oil, and other contaminates away from your workpieces, and pricing from about $100 – $110, the tool is both professionally awesome and quite affordable.

    On another hand, while this Air Locker tool is best suited for light-duty users and light-duty applications, the Air Locker P630 (23 gauge) micro pin nailer is a great tool at an astounding value. The tool’s components are built for durability and because the tool comes both with a case, as well as a replacement driver and o-ring kit, craftsmen can be certain the tool will remain kicking for a good, long while.

    The nailer automatically adjusts for fastener lengths from 1/2″ through 1-3/16″, rendering the tool always accurate as well as simple to operate for any degree of user. The P630 features a bottom load magazine and an adjustable exhaust to ensure oil and any other contaminates are directed away from your working materials, and although this nailer doesn’t necessarily perform on par with heavy-duty Senco or Porter-Cable models, the tool definitely carries its own weight. Ultimately, pricing at $59, the P630 offers light users a strong tool with the drive to complete light applications with notable high-performance and a ridiculously low price.

    In the end, one of these pneumatic pin nailers is certain to meet your individual needs and specifications. With the power to keep your pins professionally secured, and the precision to do it cleanly and delicately, one of these pinners is your ticket to professional, beautiful results.