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Delta's 50-905 Cyclone Dust Collector – A Portable Unit w/ Unbeatable Dust Collection

  • Cyclone dust collectors are smart and efficient. Accordingly, many crafters prefer these dust collection machines because they both filter and separate the debris created in your shop. Similarly, the innovative (& aesthetically superior) design of Delta’s 50-905 cyclone system ensures that only the finer dust particles are sent to the collector’s air cleaner and that larger particles are forced into a chip barrel. This is a cleaner, more efficient method of dust collection that ensures your air is clearer and that your clean-up jobs noticeably simpler.

    The Delta 50-905 cyclone dust extractor is engineered with a 32-gallon capacity chip barrel system and a 1 micron canister filter – a unique system that allows for two-stage dust collection. In essence, the cyclone captures and forces large particles into its integrated chip barrel while smaller particles are trapped in the filter and lower dust collection bag. The chip barrel system lifts and locks into place and seals with a simple lock bar without the use of any additional tools and, to keep the dust collector itself clean and efficient, the 50-905 also features a top filter crank. This mechanism rotates during use to knock stubborn debris particles off of the inside of the canister and into the collection bag below. This, of course, prolongs the life of the canister and ensures your dust collection process is altogether more comprehensive.

    In addition to incredible dust collection capabilities, Delta’s cyclone is also portable. It comes on four locking wheels to ensure you can relocate the dust collector as needed and allows users to store it conveniently. Because the machine is also remote activated, users may command the dust collector with an included remote control. This device controls the machine’s on/off mechanism and its timer programming. In other words, crafters may turn the thing on and off from afar and, because timer settings range between 1 and 15 hours, users may also set the machine to engage and disengage while out of the shop. This may not seem totally practical at first glance, but, if so inclined, the timer programming enables users to run the machine as an after hours air cleaner.

    For versatility, the 50-905 can either connect to two separate machines with its two 4-inch dust ports, or the manifold can be removed to allow the collector to connect to one 6-inch dust port. For superior collection power, Delta’s cyclone features a 1-1/2 HP, single phase, 240V motor (with intake speeds ranging from 810 CFM restricted and 1,638 CFM unrestricted). For those of you that would need it, 120V conversion kits are available. And, after all that, the Delta 50-905 portable cyclone dust collector includes the 32-gallon capacity chip barrel, 2 dust port covers, 1 canister filer, 2 plastic dust bags, 3 plastic chip bags, 4 locking wheels and that remote control. Although 2 AAA batteries are required for the controller, these batteries are not included.