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Dewalt DWP611PK Compact Router Combo Kit

  • A More Versatile Router For a More Evolved Craftsman

    Though compact like a trim router, this new version of Dewalt’s two-base router kit is both durable and powerful to offer the features you’d expect from a high-performance router without any of the bulk. It features a few ergonomic adjustments rendering the tool more balanced and, as a fortunate consequence, the thing is ideal for one-handed use, too. In effect, the tool is smaller while still offering more power. This, of course, is a really great combination, and because the router includes both a fixed base and a plunge base, Dewalt’s new DWP611PK combination router kit just keeps on giving.

    General Information:

    It’s 1.25HP motor has gumption enough to tackle the hardest materials and with variable speed control, the router allows users to match bit speeds to each material and application. The motor also includes a soft-start feature for smooth start-ups and an electronic feedback mechanism that maintains your bit speed through each cut. The router motor easily transitions between the fixed and plunge bases and with dual LED lights and a clear sub-base the tool offers maximum visibility throughout each operation. The tool’s aluminum motor housing and base construction ensure total durability and, for greater versatility, it’s sub-base is also compatible with universal template guides.

    The DWP611PK router also incorporates an extended collet for maximum bit contact and a tighter bit-grip and, thanks to a large spindle lock button and multiple shaft-lock detents, bit changes (with a wrench) are totally fast and easy. The tool also ensures optimized depth of travel enabling users up to 1.5-inches with the standard base and up to 2-inches depth of travel with the plunge base.

    The Fixed Base:

    The DWP611PK’s fixed base features an adjustment ring that allows users to perform controlled bit depth changes to within 1/64 of an inch and with a depth ring and clamping mechanism designed to keep the router motor securely locked in place, results are consistent and perfectly precise. For greater work surface contact and optimized operator control, the tool also features an extended sub-base. Spring-loaded release tabs additionally ensure the base can be quickly removed to make way for that included plunge base.

    The Plunge Base:

    Dewalt’s DWP611PK plunge base includes ergonomic over-molded rubber handles for optimized control and comfort. It also features a fine-tune adjustment rod for accurate depth settings and a large base platform to ensure total stability through the toughest applications.


    Overall, the Dewalt DWP611PK combination router kit is a superior set offering a smaller, easier to use router with incredible power and enhanced versatility. You can’t really beat that.