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Dewalt's DCD985L2 20V MAX Premium Hammerdrill-Driver Kit

  • Compact, Cordless, and Intensely Powerful


    A hammerdrill-driver is a special kind of tool. Of course, it provides all the benefits of a good drill-driver but it also offers a powerful hammering action (not unlike a jackhammer) that is efficient and manageable enough to carry in one hand. Across the board, these tools are a craftsmen favorite providing exceptional versatility and a unique kind of pulverizing power. The tool’s hammering action delivers faster drilling with less effort and allows users to move through concrete and masonry with comparative ease. 


    It is for this reason, among a few other reasons (in the form of remastered features), that Dewalt is expected to make a few headlines in the coming weeks. This September 2011, a new and terrifically awesome cordless hammerdrill-driver releases from Dewalt. The DCD985L2; a premium hammerdrill-driver kit with the authority and general charisma to earn the headlines it makes.

    To begin, the DCD985L2 hammerdrill-driver is powered with Dewalt’s 20V MAX lithium ion batteries. These little suckers, like the tool itself, have been entirely redesigned for the most optimal and efficient power delivery and ergonomic functionality. They are compact and lightweight and boast a slide-on rather than stem-up style design that contributes to the well balance and overall comfort and performance of the power tool. Despite producing only 18v of working power, the batteries nonetheless offer greater run-time and greater overall longevity. The battery (in this kit) comes standard with a 3.0-Ah rating lending greater power and superior comfort to the drill as well as to the operator behind it. 

    The tool also features a 3-speed, all-metal transmission allowing operators to match performance to each individual task. Its all-metal construction additionally contributes to the tool’s durability, longevity, and enhanced speed and run-time. The DCD985L2’s speed settings range from 0-575, 0-1,350, and 0-3,000 RPM (0-9,775, 0-22,950, and 0-34,000 BPM), and with 22 individual clutch settings, the tool is versatile enough to perform optimally through a huge range of tasks. The drill’s heavy-duty ratcheting chuck has carbide inserts to provide optimal bit gripping strength, and with a high-power, high-efficiency motor delivering 535 unit watts of max power, the drill delivers an aggressive and truly superior performance in, essentially, all drilling and fastening applications.

    In addition to this aggressive power, the tool is also surprisingly compact. It is well balanced in-hand, and weighing only 5.2-lbs, users can work comfortably during awkward and extended applications. Altogether, the drill is compact, ergonomic, powerful, versatile, durable and efficient; that’s a pretty dang good amalgamation of some pretty dang good traits.