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Dewalt's DCS391L1 20V MAX Lithium Ion Circular Saw Kit

  • 20V MAX


    Bigger Power, Greater Speeds, Better Cuts


    A circular saw is one of the most universally useful power tools on the market today. Whether you are a professional crafter, a weekend warrior, or simply an everyday do-it-yourself-er, a circular saw is an exponentially helpful tool to have on-hand. These saws are generally lightweight and portable and deliver smooth cutting and cutting solutions nearly everywhere you might encounter something that requires a spinning blade. It is for this universality, and a few additional features, that make Dewalt’s new DCS391L1 20V MAX compact, cordless, 6-1/2” circular saw such an intriguing power tool.

    To be a spot more specific, the saw unites compact portability and sleek maneuverability with greater power and performance and some of the most impressive battery technology in the industry. The 20V MAX battery is smaller and lighter-weight and because it boasts 3.0-Ah (the standard in this particular model), the thing offers greater run-time with each charge and greater overall life-time use. Additionally, the tool’s power delivery system is extremely efficient and because the saw is also lightweight and ergonomically comfortable, the DCS391L1 ensures your own efficiency on the job as well. Ultimately, the saw’s sleek design and overall weight of just 8-lbs coupled with advanced battery technology, ergonomic comfort and an overmolded rubber comfort grip, render the tool well-balanced and easily controllable

    The circular saw also features a beautifully powerful motor. With 460 MWO and 3,700 RPM, the motor produces intense power and speed allowing operators to engage in demanding applications with both ease and confidence. The saw is additionally outfitted with a high-strength, lightweight magnesium shoe which provides both durability on the jobsite and reliable, long-term cutting accuracy. The circ saw offers a bevel capacity of 0 – 50-degrees for aggressive bevel cutting in a variety of positions and applications, and with a depth of cut of 2-1/4” at 90-degrees and 1-5/8” at 45-degrees, the tool offers comprehensive functionality.

    The circular saw kit includes this 6-1/2” circ saw (of course), a 6-1/2” carbide-tipped blade, a 3.0-Ah 20V MAX lithium ion battery, fast charger, and a kit box. Oh – and just in case you were curious about the warranty, the kit also comes with a 3-year limited warranty, a 1-year free service contract, and a 90-day money back guarantee. In other words, Dewalt is pretty darn confident not only that you’re going to love this tool, but that it will continue to exceed your expectations for a long time to come.