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Introducing: Dewalt's Improved Line of XRP and Lithium Ion Power Tools

  • For nearly a century Dewalt has provided innovative solutions to the power tool and woodworking communities. Now, having recently launched a new line of intense XRP and lithium ion power tools, Dewalt is again carving its influence into the history of power tools and the into lives of the power tool-lovers who use them.


    Throughout the tool industry, Dewalt products are know for their strength, durability, and overall high-performance. The company itself is know for providing more effective answers and better solutions to the tool industry’s many crafting and woodworking obstacles; now, after years of trailblazing, Dewalt is becoming known also for their superior XRP and lithium ion technology as well.

    Consisting of a series of drills from hammer drills and impact drivers, to right angle drills and and drill drivers, each tool in Dewalt’s new line-up has been completely redesigned to accommodate an evolved network of builders, building styles, and technological expectations. Theses drills are now more compact, lighter weight, more comfortable, and perhaps most importantly, the drills are now more efficient as well. Utilizing a patented three-speed transmission designed to provide optimal power to each different application, and with an intensely efficient frameless motor engineered to produce a virtually unparalleled performance, Dewalt’s XRP line and lithium ion drills are a force to be reckoned with. According to M&M Tool’s Josh, “these new Dewalt tools are seriously comfortable to use, they pack a surprisingly big punch for their compact size, and with crazy-good innovations, the tools work like nothing else we’ve seen from Dewalt.” 

    Additionally, and while wearing a Dewalt t-shirt, M&M Tool’s Corbin adds that, “from the new 18V line-up, the Dewalt DCD950KX 18V Cordless XRP Hammerdrill/Drill/Driver Kit and Dewalt DCD940KX 18V Cordless XRP Drill/Driver Kit are virtually unbeatable.” Corbin goes on to say, “M&M Tool and Machinery, and our sister on-line company,, are proud to continually support Dewalt power tools, and Dewalt parts and products.”

    Overall, Dewalt’s improvements to their lithium line result in superior efficiency, a 30% increase in runtime, and an impressive decrease in charging time as well. In fact, the new lithium ion batteries are designed to completely charge a power tool battery in just 30 minutes. Also, being compatible with Dewalt’s former 18v line-up from 1996 to present, lithium or not, the battery and charger system provides reliability, peace of mind, and and the security of Dewalt’s time-honored performance. “Dewalt’s new lithium ion batteries are extremely compact; they weigh just about one pound, and with developing battery technology, the batteries are fast-charging, long-lasting, and totally reliable,” says Kris, a long-time power tool aficionado and M&M Tool veteran. 

    Ultimately, Dewalt is bringing down the proverbial house with their recent XRP and lithium ion power tool launch, and vendors and consumers alike are animated about the new line; Mark, in fact, a loyal patron of M&M Tool and Machinery, claims he is thrilled about replacing his former cordless drill with Dewalt’s DCD970KL 18V Cordless XRP Li-Ion Hammerdrill/Drill/Driver Kit, “a power tool for a real man,” or woman, of course.  

    This splash is likely to continue making significant waves in the power tool community, and with such an untarnished, and absolutely respected track-record, Dewalt is expected to continue reinventing the power tooling and woodworking atmosphere as we know it.  

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