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Dewalt's NEW 20V MAX DCF885L2 Lithium Ion Impact Driver Kit

  • Big Power, Small Package. 20V MAX. 


    Dewalt has been in the power tool game for a long time now and you better believe that they know their way around a good impact driver. This is exactly why so much excitement is stirring-up over the release of their newest 20V MAX lithium ion impact driver. This thing, the DCF885L2, is a brilliant little tool with the comfort and efficiency perks of a sleek design, powerful motor, and a 3.0-Ah battery to keep you, and the driver, working harder for longer periods.

    To begin with that battery, although the thing doesn’t actually produce 20V of working power (as with the rest of the 20V MAX line, the battery delivers only 18V of working power) the 18V it does produce are channeled powerfully and efficiently to provide users with some of the most exceptional battery power and technology in the industry. The thing charges quickly, maintains a charge for longer periods, and offers greater overall life-time use. Additionally, the batteries are perfectly compact and lightweight ensuring the tool is well balanced and simple to maneuver.

    Furthermore, not only is the tool perfectly balanced, it’s also seriously compact and lightweight. The DCF885L2 weighs just 3.4-lbs and the smooth, ergonomic design of the driver allows users to utilize the tool comfortably in cramped or close-quarters. This design also allows operators to remain comfortable despite awkward, extended or overhead applications. For additional comfort on the job, the driver also includes a belt-clip to deliver comfortable portability and to ensure users have two free hands while not operating the tool.

    So, the thing is comfortable, but in addition to its pint and convenient size, the impact driver is also super powerful. The DCF885L2 boasts 2800 RPM, 3200 IPM (impacts per minute), and 1400-1n/lbs (117-ft-lbs) of torque. In short, it’s tough. The driver provides the consistent, heavy-duty power you require to get big jobs done quickly and correctly. Additionally, the tool features a one-handed loading 1/4” hex chuck (which accepts one-inch bits tips) which contributes to the tool’s overall smooth and powerful performance.

    The driver also includes two 20V MAX 3.0-Ah lithium ion batteries, a fast charger, and a kit box for overall convenient storage, portability and organization, and with a three year limited warranty on the tool and battery, a one-year free service contract, and a 90-day money back guarantee, the tool is, essentially, a win/win investment. With this sucker, you can enjoy a fine industrial power tool, the promise of a renown manufacturer, and the security of a comprehensive warranty. What more could one really ask for?