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Dewalt's NEW DCD980L2 20V MAX Premium Drill-Driver Kit

  • Man’s Best Friend


    This September 2011, Dewalt is expected to shake-up the tool industry with the release of a new 20V MAX premium drill-driver kit. Revamping their former platform of 18V tools, this drill-driver is engineered with a new emphasis on compact and efficient intelligence. Although not considerably smaller than the former 18V drill-driver, the DCD980L2 has been remolded into a compact, comfortable, and intensely powerful little machine. Fortunately for tool users, there is no good reason not to own a good drill-driver.

    Technically the drill still produces only 18V of output power, but this premium 20V MAX drill-driver is expected to be one of the most powerful and versatile drill-drivers on the market today. It’s 3.0-Ah lithium ion battery has been entirely redesigned to produce the most efficient power possible from a seriously compact battery pack. More specifically, the battery slides on to the base of the tool rather than sliding up (with a stem) into the handle of the tool. This design adjustment enhances the well balance of the drill and allows the entire machine to be lighterweight and simpler to handle. The batteries themselves are smaller and lightweight as well and, with a few additional technological adjustments, offer a bit more run-time and greater life-long durability. So, despite the battery actually producing a little less working power than indicated in their (20V MAX) title, they certainly deliver a few benefits extra that merit the name change. 

    Additionally, the tool itself is sleek and well balanced and offers improved ergonomics for more comfortable operation. It’s body design is nicely compact and the thing maneuvers well despite rigorous work. Furthermore, the DCD980L2 boasts a three-speed all-metal transmission for overall durability, longer tool run-time and greater productivity. The strength and versatility of this transmission, allowing operators to match each application to the most appropriate speed setting, also contributes to greater overall working results and the kind of speed and accuracy achieved only with the highest-quality tools.

    The drill-driver’s heavy-duty 1/2” ratcheting chuck has carbide inserts to deliver optimal bit gripping strength, and the tool’s high-efficiency motor (delivering a whopping 535 unit watts of max power) contributes to the tool’s overall superior power and ultra high-performance. Accordingly, the tool is pretty much ideal for virtually all drilling and driving applications. The thing weighs 5.2-lbs ensuring comfortable operation despite heavy-duty applications, and with an RPM range of 0-575 / 0-1,350 and 0-2,000, the drill has the chops to impress during any number of tasks. Whether rigorous or mild, the drill is designed to make you work-load a bit easier and you tool arsenal a little more impressive.

    The premium drill-driver kit includes a one hour charger, two 20V MAX lithium ion batteries, a 360-degree side handle for optimal stability and control, and a kit box for overall convenience.