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Dewalt’s NEW DCH213L2 20V MAX 3-Mode SDS Rotary Hammer Kit

  • 20V MAX – It’s Hammer Time


    Dewalt has put the hammer down.

    Accelerating their new 20V MAX platform with a mighty 3-mode SDS rotary hammer kit, Dewalt has reestablished itself as a manufacturer that doesn’t play games with power or performance. The DCH213L2 rotary hammer kit is intensely powerful and, despite that aforementioned mightiness, the thing operates with a smoothness that is almost entirely uncharacteristic of rotary hammers in general. The tool, like the rest of Dewalt’s 20V platform, embodies the best of both compact convenience and industrial power.

    Utilizing SHOCKS Active Vibration Control system
    , the hammer produces significantly less vibration during use. Of course, this smoothness of operation is good for a number of reasons, operator comfort, perhaps, peaking that list benefits. As it turns out, the hammer is not only more comfortable to use, it’s more controllable (which enhances your productivity), and produces faster, cleaner results as well. With a blasting impact energy of 1.7-ft/lbs, the hammer also delivers a huge amount of power. In fact, the thing essentially produces the same force as a corded SDS rotary hammer, this one has simply evolved. It’s grown away from the cord and toward a cordless operation that is smoother and more powerful than previous models. The DCH213L2 additionally features a factory-set clutch to reduce the uncomfortable high-torque reactions that spur from the occasional jammed bit. This ensures some peace of mind and enhances the hammer’s overall operation.

    Furthermore, the hammer’s compact L-shaped body design allows users to access tight spaces while still providing optimal balance and usability, and because the tool also includes a 360-degree side handle, operators enjoy improved comfort and control, and ease of use in tight spaces or during awkward or rigorous applications. In addition to this efficient body design, the hammer also boasts the the umph of Dewalt’s new 20V MAX battery system. With these 3.0-Ah batteries, the hammer not only maintains its well balance, but it also maintains big power for longer periods of time. The batteries are lightweight, they charge quickly, and they offer more work throughout each charge-cycle and through their total life-time as well.

    The DCH213L2 weighs only 6.4-lbs and, in addition to offering 3-mode operation, the thing also features a variable speed reversing switch which enhances user control and delivers greater versatility in all applications. So, Dewalt has put the hammer down, and it’s not budging. This cordless SDS rotary hammer is sleek, smooth, balanced, and ultra-powerful to deliver exceptional operation and better overall results. The kit additionally includes a 1-hour charger, two 20V MAX (3.0-Ah) batteries, a 360-degree side handle, a depth rod, and a kit box.