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Festool CONTURO Edge Bander – A Better Way to Get the Perfect Edge

Posted by Mallory Kramer on February 12, 2015

Festool CONTURO Edge Bander – Edge Banding at a New Level of Awesome

And it’s Mobile!








We’ve all heard the hype about Festool, and if you’ve ever used a Festool tool, you know that all that hype is well-deserved. Festool builds an extraordinary product, one that’s not just a power tool but a machine that functions as a solution. These tools solve problems, and they yield results that are unattainable with any other power tool. Festool creates innovation, and these innovations change the way we work, growing our confidence and our clientele.

conturo_productdataFor example, Festool’s new CONTURO edge bander is now on the cusp of release, and the tool is purported to deliver the “perfect edge.” Based on Festool’s track-record, I’m inclined to believe this claim. While I haven’t yet been able to see the tool in action, some very good authorities suggest that this tool will be a legit mind-boggler. There are lots of features that make this edge bander unique, but the most exciting feature might be it’s exclusive cartridge gluing system, the design of which, is fastitious and impressive – even with the bar already raised on account of its Festool design.

The CONTURO’s glue application system is engineered to perfectly control the amount of glue that gets dispensed, and the temperature applied to that glue as it dispenses. This ensures each band is applied smoothly, efficiently, quickly, and that the glue retains its color and conturo2adhesion properties. Because the tool only heats as much glue as it needs to use for each band, the glue puck itself remains solid. This means there’s no mess and you can easily switch between glue colors. The result is a flawless band with joins that are essentially invisible. – Based on preset specifications, the CONTURO automatically dispenses the proper glue amount to each band. Glue is applied evenly through a nozzle, edging is applied tightly and without lumps, and the overall result is a flush, tight, gorgeous edge band.

As you’d suspect, the tool is also designed for ease of use allowing you to achieve these rockin’ results while remaining efficient and comfortable as you work. The edge bander can be used on both conturo-banding-mitered-edgerectangular surfaces, as well as with more complex shapes like angled (mitered), curved, convex or concave surfaces. A display on the tool reflects temperature, glue level, and the amount of edging that can still be glued at the current preset.

Ultimately, the Festool CONTURO is built to produce optimal results for both the form and function of an edge band. Joints are tight and flawless and, aesthetically, the edge will be perfect to your sight and touch. The thing is built to offer you flush results, and to eliminate protruding edges, excess glue, and obvious joints. While the thing will be spendy, probably around $3000, it it offers a prefect edge in a compact and mobile design. Especially when compared to similar hand-guide machines, the CONTURO delivers superior results in multiple environments, and to especially difficult surfaces. It’s versatility will make this tool a serious time-saver. If you ever work with edge band, don’t over look it.

The CONTURO is also available in a kit, click here to see inclusions.