Festool Vecturo OS 400 Oscillating Multi-Tool Review

  • Uber Fast and Uber Accurate, The New Festool Vecturo OS 400 Oscillating Multi-Tool








    Well; the cat’s out of the bag. Festool has finally released details about their newest arrival and I’m pleased to announce it’s an oscillating multi-tool. Not only are oscillating tools generally awesome, but this sucker is born and built by Festool, literally the best power tool manufacturer in the world. Owing to it’s royal birth and the features inherent to oscillators, you know this Vecturo is gonna be good.

    Festool_563005_DThe new Festool Vecturo OS 400 oscillating multi-tool is scheduled to release this coming December, 2014, and is presently considered to be the most advanced oscillating tool on the market. Offering total versatility and virtually limitless functionality, the tool can perform a huge range of applications and, when purchased as a set, includes a huge range of accessories (including some you’ve never seen before) to help you do more and do better. In addition to usibility, the tool also offers superior controllability allowing you to produce super-precise results (even in unlikely scenarios) with much less struggle.

    The Vecturo set includes a first-of-a-kind multi-angle plunge base and depth stop. These innovative attachments deliver the kind of performance-miracles users can only experience behind a Festool product. Delivering superior cutting Festool-Vecturo-Plunge-Guide-at-Angleprecision, ergonomic handling and fully tool-less operation, using the Vecturo ensures more precise results and less downtime on the job. And with a powerful 11,000 – 18,500 oscillations per minute (OPM) with 40-degree oscillation amplitude, the tool delivers super-fast cutting and smoother cutting results.

    What the Festool Vecturo Does Better:

    Versatility: Offering variable speeds and a diverse variety of blades and attachments, the Vecturo can cut, scrape or score any material quickly, smoothly and efficiently.

    Controllability: Owing to it’s slim, ergonomic body design and Festool’s new (and first-of-a-kind) plunge base, the Vecturo allows users to achieve more accurate, high-precision cuts at any point in any material.

    Festool_563003_BEfficiency and Simplicity: Tool free base and attachment changes allow you to complete and alternate between applications with greater ease and speed. The tool’s high-power motor also ensures you can surmount even the most challenging tasks with smooth power and efficiency.

    What Do the Vecturo Accessories Do?

    The Festool Vecturo OS 400 Oscillating Multi-Tool offers innovative accessories to enhance the functionality and versatility of the tool.

    Plunge Base (500161): Festool’s new plunge base offers fast and tool-free mounting with multiple angle settings. It also features a magnetic catch designed to stabilize the blade while cutting ensuring each scribe-line plunge-cut is deadly accurate. The plunge base also has a rubberized Festool_563002_Dcontact pad which provides a secure grip while also protecting surfaces.

    Depth-Stop Set (500160): Like the plunge base, this first-of-a-kind Festool depth stop offers a tool-free mounting adapter for quick, simple use. The accessory provides precise depth control for plunge-cuts and includes a depth-stop rod with a protective, rotating end with more placement options. The depth-stop also has a shoe-like base for use with circular blades.

    Cutters: The Vecturo has a durable, hexagonal accessory mount which delivers secure holding-power and optimal torque transfer. The tool may be outfitted with a huge range of Festool blades and scrapers (which, of course, offer Festool’s superior performance). Cutters are available in packs os_vecturoos400_563000_a_08a_Derivat_JPG_300DPIof 1, 5 and 25.

    For seriously precise cuts and clean-cut edges, most the wood cutting blades for the Vecturo feature double-row original Japan toothing. It is, however, not recommended to perform plunge cuts with these blades. – If you need long, straight cuts or need to cut-out sections of laminate or parquet flooring, Festool offers a circular blade designed especially for this purpose (item number 500139).

    Festool’s bi-metal universal Vecturo blades are, well, universal, and they’re ideal for cutting both hard and soft woods, plastic, plasterboard and etc. These blades are ideal for plunge cutting and are built for extreme os_ahtaset_500251_z_01a_Derivat_JPG_300DPIdurability.

    Festool also makes a specialized bi-metal metal cutting blade ideal for aluminum and ferrous metals, two separate window installation blades and a scraper built for durability and efficient removal of coverings and coatings.

    Altogether, Festool offers a really great oscillating multi-tool system equip with an exemplary power tool and accessories to match. If your work demands the best most precise results, look no further than the new Festool Vecturo.

    See more of Festool’s Vecturo in the below video. You’ll be glad you did.