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Four Fantastic Fixed-Base Routers

  • Fixed-base routers are some of the most frequently used woodworking tools in the entire industry, and once you’ve experienced the superior quality and performance of a good router, there is no room to question why. Making your projects unique and animated routers baost a versatilty and high-performance unparalleled by any other tool. For the industry’s most impressive, sophisticated routers, craftsmen look to these models from Bosch and Perter-Cable. 

    Bosch 1617Bosch’s 1617 fixed-base router, with superior power and precision, boasts all the features to entice even the most thoroughbred woodworkers. Its 2 HP (11 amp) motor and precision centering design make keeping your bits on their intended cut-lines far easier, especially while using guidance devices like templates and jigs. To provide greater stability and accuracy as you work, the tool’s fixed-base has threaded holes enabling craftsmen to easily mount the tool to a router table, and with a macro and microfine bit depth adjustment system (which also has a resettable depth indicator), the router provides fast and precise depth adjustments so you can spend more quality time with your router, and less time struggling to adjustment it. With a large 3-3/4″ base opening and a 2″ subbase opening the 1617 can hold larger bits, and with a one-piece armature shaft, the tool has a long bit shank capacity while also providing striking accuracy. The router has a tool-free template guide adapter for the fastest guide changes and also accepts template guides from other manufacturers (like Porter-Cable) for additional versatility. Ultimately, this router is a handsome tool with all the personality (precision and power) to perfectly navigate its way through all of your projects.

    Bosch 1617EVSAdditionally, Bosch’s 1617EVS fixed-base, variable speed router is another tool that will charm you with true tact and professionalism. This is the most powerful router in its class with a superior 2.25 HP (12 amp) motor and 8,000 – 25,000 RPM. Highly durable and built to perform the most intricate to the most aggressive routing applications, the tool is designed to provide users with results unlike any other router. A variable speed trigger allows craftsman to match speeds to each project and because the tool has large base and subbase openings, the router accepts most large bits and has a long bit shank capacity for bigger applications. The router’s macro and microfine bit depth adjustment system makes depth adjustment’s fast and precise while the tool’s precision centering design keeps your bits always on their intended cut line. The 1617EVS is a handsome devil with constant speed and power, overload protection, and the capacity to successfully challenge every routing application you might be tempted with. The router can be mounted for additional stability and accuracy, and the tool’s tool-free template guide adapter ensures that the love you feel for your router is never colored with the frustration of template guide changes and adjustments.

    Porter-Cable 7518On another hand, Porter-Cable makes some of the most impressive routers in the industry today and their 7518 five speed router is a shining example of standard Porter-Cable quality and performance. With a 15 amp (3.25 HP) motor the router possesses all the power and durability to dominate even the toughest applications, and with a five speed electronic motor the tool is versatile to accommodate a variety of projects and router bit cutting diameters (RPM settings at 10,000, 13,000, 16,000, 19,000, and 21,000). An auto-release collet system ensures simple bit removal, and the tool maintains constant speed under load for the most consistent, reliable routing. Additionally, with a sealed ball bearing construction, the 7518 is hugely durable and operates with surpassing smoothness. The tool’s base is precision machined aluminum for longevity and also includes integrated handles for optimized stability and control. A hugely powerful and precise woodworking masterpiece, this tool offers craftsmen one of the biggest router motors in the industry and the poise performance to match it.

    Porter-Cable 892Thus, it is for good reason that craftsmen look to Porter-Cable for the highest-quality routers in the business – their 892 is one is another of these reasons. This 12 amp (2.25 HP) fixed-base router provides craftsmen with superior power and durability and the smooth design to optimize them both. An electronic feedback maintains motor speed even through the roughest applications, and variable speeds ranging from (a huge) 10,000 – 23,000 RPM provide a nearly endless number of routing options and applications. This variable speed setting enables craftsmen to efficiently match speeds to each project providing the most professional and clean results with every use. The router’s over-molded rubber handles provide optimized comfort and control, and the tool’s smooth rack and pinion adjustments provide depth settings accurate to an astounding 1/128″; this is extremely precise. Ultimately, Porter-Cable’s 892 is a phenomenal tool, a router to be reckoned with, and an exceptional performer.

    Any one of these routers is certain to provide you with the utmost in professional woodworking. Each built with superior quality and design is sure to deliver shining results with a permanence that will impress users and on-lookers alike.