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Makita's SP6000K1 Track Saw System

  • The Mighty Makita Track Saw…


    If you’ve ever used a track saw, you know that the rail guide system is one of the most innovative, sophisticated cutting systems ever developed, that when using a track saw, you achieve smoother, more accurate, and altogether better results. If you’ve ever used a Makita power tool, you’ll also know that Makita is one of the most high-performance manufacturers in the business, that Makita tools are designed and fabricated to a higher standard of excellence. Now, knowing both of these things, one can naturally deduce that a Makita track saw would be one of the most amazing systems conceivable.  


    Fortunately for every party involved, Makita does make a track saw, and its amazing. With the capacity to make precise, perfect cuts at any point in a panel, to create straight edges on rough stock, cross cut, bevel cut, rip sheet goods, and etc, the saw is one of those power tools that will consistently impress, and, perhaps even release those proverbial little butterflies in the bellies of even the toughest craftsmen. In the end, the Makita SP6000K1 is a high-performance beauty with the cutting chops to do all your cutting bidding with a refined kind of excellence.  

    Built around a powerful 6-1/2” plunge cut circular saw and a meticulously designed 55” guide rail, the SP6000K1 system perfectly interacts to produce the smoothest, straightest cuts. In fact, as far as bevel cuts are concerned, Makita’s system is very likely the most sophisticated – with dual front and rear bevel supports designed to hold the blade firmly in position as you cut, the saw provides incredibly smooth, dead-on accurate bevel cuts with a nearly unbelievable simplicity and smoothness. The saw’s electronic speed control also maintains constant speed under load to ensure your cuts are entirely splinter free and always boasting a mirror-like finish. 

    With variable speeds ranging from 2,000 – 5,000 RPM and a large cutting and bevel capacity (equip with convenient positive stops at 22.5-degrees and 45-degrees) the saw offers powerful versatility and optimal control over every type of application. The thing also offers nearly to-the-wall cutting for greater working possibilities, and with a soft-start feature and electronic current limiter, the tool’s high-performance motor will continue kicking the sass out of your projects for seriously long time. The SP6000K1 is additionally made up of durable and lightweight magnesium components, rendering it well balanced and comfortable to operate while also tough enough to circumvent the rigors of jobsite life.

    The saw’s smooth plunge release offers additional user comfort and because the thing also provides extremely simple depth adjustments, a depth stop, an electronic brake, fast and simple blade changes, a saw base that is compatible with competing rails, and a rear dust port that can not only connect to a collection system, but automatically redirects dust and debris away from the cutting action, the system is comprehensive and completely awesome.

    And lastly, in addition to all that awesomeness and to the saw’s mind-boggling accuracy, precision, and smoothness, Makita’s track saw system also includes a stackable tool case, a high-performance 48-tooth carbide tipped blade, a hex blade wrench, and the promise of a superior manufacturer.