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Industry's Best Cordless Impact Drills

  • Impact drills are not just brawn, on the contrary, they offer quite a bit of brain as well. With power and versatility, one of these tools does a great deal more than simply drive screws; with the help of a brilliant, self-triggering impacting mechanism, these tools move through concrete and other seemingly impossible materials with striking ease. Ultimately, a good impact drill can make life easier on many counts, but finding the one that best suits you isn’t always as easy as simply enjoying its benefits. I’d like to help you define your search for the best fitting impactor by high-lighting the industry’s toughest, most impressive impact drills – some, with price-tags that will surprise you.

    For heavy-duty users Makita’s BTD141 (18v) cordless impact driver truly packs a wallop incorporating new features and a maximum torque motor to deliver 1,330 in/lbs of torque. Despite this big power the tool still maintains an efficient and compact size weighing only 3.4 lbs – this ergonomic shape distributes pressure evenly throughout the tool for comfortable, easy control. A built-in LED light illuminates work spaces, and a high quality heat-hardened steel proprietary hammer and anvil significantly increase the tool’s overall life and durability. The tool also has an electric brake for immediate stops which not only increases your safety, but also minimizes kickback, otherwise known as “the enemy”. Additionally utilizing lithium ion battery technology and an exclusive charging system that optimizes battery life and produces more than twice as many cycles, the tool is powerful, durable and terribly efficient. It’s slim, cordless design renders this impactor both mobile and maneuverable an ultimately an ideal choice for everyone from the most industrial workers to the most average homeowner. This BTD141 impact kit ranges in price from $270 – $300.

    Another heavy-duty impactor comes in green from Hitachi. Their WH14DL (14.4v) cordless impact driver is built with big power and smooth innovation to master every industrial impacting application from decking to heavy-duty construction projects. Also utilizing lithium ion battery technology, the impactor delivers a perfect union of power, controllability, and durable longevity. Big torque (1,240 in/lbs) allows you to easily complete rough jobs, and the tool’s industrial grade, two-piece motor (equip with heavy gauge copper coils) is one of the strongest in the business. The tool’s two-step speed switch allows users to select between Power-Mode (0 – 2,600 RPM) or Save-Mode (0 – 2,000 RPM) for ultimate control over each task, and with Hitachi’s unique Cool Flow system emitting a steady stream of air into the motor, the impactor can run harder and longer, minimizing the risk of burnout and totally increasing your productivity. At only 3.3 lbs the tool is portable and simple to control and operate providing craftsmen with surprising power in an ultra-compact design. Additionally, the tool’s brushes are externally accessible for the easiest maintenance and replacements, and perhaps most importantly, the tool is covered under Hitachi’s unmatched 10-year warranty. Ranging in price from about $240 – $260, the WH14DL kit is an exceptional tool at a great buy.

    In this particular instance, high-quality and high-price don’t necessarily coincide. Pricing from around $195 – $225, Makita’s BTD142HW is an elite tool for a remarkably good value. For the ultimate in high-quality this 18v cordless impact driver provides users with both striking power and an innovative, durable, design. Employing Makita’s superior battery technology and exclusive lithium ion charging system, the tool’s toughness and battery life is virtually unmatched. Producing more than twice as many charging cycles, this system ensures the tool is durable through even the toughest applications. Additionally, with a jaw-dropping power-to-weight ratio, the tool flaunts 1,280 in/lbs of torque while still weighing only 2.8 lbs; this compact design renders the BTD142HW incredibly comfortable to use while the tool’s four-pole, Makita-built motor efficiently delivers high-torque to complete your jobs more efficiently. The impactor’s proprietary hammer and anvil are made with the highest quality (heat-hardened) steel for superior durability, and externally accessible brushes contribute to the tool’s overall serviceability and longevity. An electric brake system additionally ensures safer operation and that as you work, you enjoy vastly minimized kickback, which, if you’ll kindly remember, is “the enemy.” Ultimately, with compact portability and serious power, the tool promises high-quality results, smooth operation, and an overall performance that will consistently, continually impress.

    Appealing to users of all levels and price-ranges, Bosch’s PS40-2A is known for its exceptional quality and innovative design. This 10.8v impact fastening driver boasts a sleek, compact design coupled with the most force in its class. Its hammer and anvil system produces 800in/lbs of torque, and powered by a high-performance motor with 1,800 RPM (3,000 BPM), the impactor unfailingly delivers seriously fast fastening and an always optimal performance. Powered by Bosch’s Litheon technology, batteries built for a totally optimized performance, the tool remains lightweight (at only 2.2 lbs) while still maintaining big power. A variable speed trigger produces a wide range of speed options for greater versatility in a variety of applications, and with a 1/4″ hex quick change chuck that can instantly change from drill bits to driving bits, the tool is incomparably efficient and convenient on the job. The impactor additionally has 3 LED lights integrated into the front of the tool to illuminate dark or tight spaces, and pricing from around $160 – $190, the PS40-2A impact drill kit has the power for heavy-duty effectiveness, at a really great price.

    With big power, big impacts, and the unparalleled convenience of cordless portability, one of these impact drills has every capacity to brighten your working experience and totally enhance your working results.