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The Industry’s Most Rowdy Roofing Nailers

  • Air tools can make a world of difference in the lives of craftspeople everywhere and an industrial pneumatic framing nailer is just about at the top of the pneumatic mountain. With the power and design to shoot precisely and consistently with every single shot, a roofing nailer saves builders both time an energy – things we all wish we had a bit more of. Ultimately, these tools make projects and installations a far breezier task, but finding the tool that best suits you can sometimes be harder than laying shingles. To help you find the best roofing nailer, I’ve put together the following information on the industry’s most impressive pneumatic roofers.

    To begin, Hitachi’s NV45AE (1-3/4″, side-load) coil roofing nailer has the design, innovation and overall power to deliver the most impressive and professional high-performance. Although constructed with all aluminum components for maximum durability the tool still weighs only 5.5 lbs. Being lightweight, maneuverable, and extremely well-balanced, the tool’s ergonomic design ensures the most comfortable and controlled operation. Precisely shooting 7/8″ – 1-3/4″ fasteners with wire collation, the tool also has a pneumatic nail feed mechanism that powers the nail advance and nail return for the most consistent operation through even the harshest conditions. An improved rubber composite guard wraps the side-edge of the nailer’s magazine (as well as other critical points on the tool’s body) to ensure durability, and the tool has a side loading magazine for fast and simple nail reloading
    . Additionally, with a tool-less depth-of-drive dial that can be adjusted at any time, the NV45AE is both versatile as well as convenient. The tool’s patented push lever design has integrated holes to remove any tar or grime build-up, and with less recoil, the tool also has less kick-back to move you more quickly over each application
    . Ultimately, with style and innovation the nailer consumes less air for greater productivity during each compressor cycle, and with a faster bump firing speed the tool is impressively fast and always efficient.

    Additionally, Senco’s RoofPro 455XP (3D0101N) coil nailer is a brilliant tool with the big power and superior engineering to handle your heavy-duty jobs with a sophisticated, professional ease. Efficiently driving full round head, 11 gauge roofing nails (3/4” 1-3/4” smooth shank), the tool is completely reliable, and with an adjustable nail canister to accommodate the entire spectrum of roofing nails, the gun is convenient and adaptable to your changing needs. A 360 degree adjustable exhaust ensures both the tool and your materials remain clean and clear, and with a tool-free adjustable depth of drive, the nailer is consistently and controllably precise. Weighing only 5.4 lbs, it’s difficult to believe this FramePro could pack such a serious bang, but it does; it has a strong motor and operates in either sequential or actuation mode for the most versatile and accurate performance.
    Additionally, this high-power nailer is simple to use (even while working one-handed) with a comfortable design and a durable, lightweight aluminum housing. In the end, Senco is a big name in the pneumatic business, and its because they build air tools like this one that will out-perform and out-last any expectation.

    Porter-Cable’s RN175A roofing nailer is another of the most heavy-duty pneumatic tools on the market today, and with the power to drive nails from 7/8″ to 3-1/4″ the tool has some truly intense power. The nailer’s compact body design contributes to its well-balance and overall smooth style, and with an internal piston catch mechanism each shot is consistently powerful. A selectable trigger transitions modes between sequential or contact actuation mode, and with a tool-free adjustable depth-of-drive to properly set your nails every time, craftsmen have complete control over every action. The nailer has a strong nail feed mechanism with two feed pawls, and with a tool free adjustable exhaust, craftsmen can direct debris (in any direction) away from workpieces. Steel skid plates with dual rubber inserts protect the tool while also keeping it from sliding off pitched roofs, and a steel contact safety with dual carbide inserts ensures greater overall durability. Ultimately, this nailer, with power and speed has the capacity to fasten a full bundle of shingles without reloading, to shoot consistently with every shot, and always work efficiently; thus, you have a tool that provides reliable productivity and convenient precision throughout every task.

    Porter-Cable’s RN175A is also available reconditioned (RN175AR). For those unfamiliar with reconditioned tools, they are an exceptional value bringing craftsmen the highest-performance tools at a tiny fraction of their regular price. It all starts with a tool that for some minor defect, gets returned to the manufacturer for strict inspection and restoration procedures. There, the tools are restored to meet rigid manufacturer standards and are then reintroduced to the market with an “R” trailing the model number. This “R” and sometimes as much as hundreds of dollars, are the only differences between a brand new tool and a reconditioned one. Ultimately, the value of reconditioned tools is striking
    , especially with a tool as awesome as a Porter-Cable roofing nailer.

    Surely one of these roofing nailers has the umph your looking for from a pneumatic gun. With big power and smooth precision, each of these roofers represents what is best about the pneumatic roofing community and what’s most important to you on the job.