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Makita BHP454 Brush Repair

  • New cb-440 brushes Need Brushes for your BHP454 Cordless Drill?  


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    Instructions: BHP454 Brush Replacement                                              The Makita BHP454 Cordless Drill is a great drill. With that being said, it’s not bullet proof. If your working your drill pretty hard, it’s only a matter of time before your brushes need to be replaced. Whats funny is that most people don’t know they can change the brushes. When there brushes burn out they rush down to the nearest hardware store and shell out a couple hundred dollars for a new cordless. Seriously, four under ten dollars you can have a great running drill again. So lets go over just how easy it is to replace the brushes on your Makita BHP454 cordless drill.


    Diagnosing Your BHP454 Brushes: Is it the Brushes? Lets find out. 

    – Sparking through the air vents

    – Running rough
    – Doesn’t start up smoothly

    – Electrical cracking and popping inside your BHP454
    Need Brushes?
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    Unscrew back of drill Now that we have confirmed that your brushes are burned out, lets jump into getting your trusty old friend fixed up. Start by unscrewing the back cover of your drill.

    Inspect your brushes With the back removed you will be able to look at your brushes. They are pretty easy to find. The picture to the left shows you exactly where the CB-440 brushes are for your BHP454.
    BHP454 Brush replacement Just gently slip either a dentists pick or small screwdriver under the brush connector and carefully pry it off.
    BHP454 connector clip to the brushes is easy to remove The connector clip comes off pretty easy.
    Carefully pull back on BHP454 hold down spring Either with a small screwdriver of a dentists pick, gently pull back on the hold down spring for the CB-440 brushes. Then all you have to do is pull out the old brushes. There will be a drastic difference between the old brushes and the new ones.
    Your almost there. Just put in the new CB-440 Brushes by pulling back once again on the spring hold down to install the new brushes. Just put back the back cover of your bhp454 drill and you’ll be back in business.