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Makita BDF452 Brush Repair

  • New cb-440 brushes  Need Brushes for your BDF452?                                                       

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    How to Replace Brushes
    Instructions: BHP452 Brush Replacement                                              Brushes on any drill are bound to burn out. Including the BDF452 cordless drill. Changing the brushes on your drill is pretty simple and it will save you a ton of cash over buying a new drill. Its surprising how many people just replace their drill after the brushes go out. If they only new for under 10 bucks they could be  back in business rather than shelling out 200 dollars. Oh well, rest assured just because your reading this article we’ll assume your IQ is higher than the average Joe. So lets jump into this baby. First thing is to make sure it’s actually your brushes.


    Symptoms For Diagnosing the BDF452 Brushes: Is it the Brushes? Lets find out. 

    –  Electrical arcing visible through the air vents

    – Not running smoothly: Intermittent or sporadic
    – Starts up slowly

    – Hear electrical crackling or popping sound from inside your drill
    Need Brushes?
    Order Online: BDF452 Brushes
    Additional Parts: BDF452 Parts and Diagram

    Remove Rear of Makita Drill So now that we know it’s your brushes, lets get your drill running again. First thing to do is remove the rear cover by unscrewing the two rear screws.

    Remove the brushes Now you will see the two brushes.
    Remove connector from bdf452 Now with either a small screwdriver or dentists pick remove the clip.
    bdf452 removing clip connecting the brushes The clip is pretty easy to slip off.
    Pull back bdf452 hold down spring Gently pull back the brush hold down spring with a dentists pick.
    ALMOST DONE. Now simply insert the new CB-440 Brushes by pulling back once again on the spring hold down to install the new brushes. Be cautious to insert them in the same orientation in which the old ones were removed and ensure that they are making complete contact with the armature’s commutator bars.Now simply replace the back of your drill and your up and running again. Simple huh.