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Makita Grinder 9564cv Brush Repair

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    How To Replace Your 9564CV Grinder Brushes

    Makita 9564cv Angle Grinder Makita 9564cv Grinder Brush Repair: If your grinder begins to malfunction there is a good chance its your Brushes. The Makita 9564cv is one of the best and most common angle grinders out there. Even so it’s not bullet proof. If you use it long enough the brushes are going to go out on you. Not to worry, we’ve got you covered. Don’t go out and spend a ton of cash buying a new grinder! You can fix your old grinder with inexpensive replacement parts. The Makita 9564cv brushes only cost around ten bucks.

    Diagnose Your Grinders Problem

    1. Electrical Arching: Sometimes you will be able to see a small amount of electrical aching within the cooling vents towards the rear of your grinder.
    2. Functioning Roughly: You will notice that when you are using your grinder it will not be running smoothly. It may seem intermittent or chunky.

    3. Electrical Popping or Crackling Sounds: Yes you may even be able to hear the electrical arching that is going on under the hood of your trusty grinder.
    WARNING: Symptoms for a faulty armature are very similar to brush problems. Check out this blog entry to make sure you don’t have an armature problem.


    Changing Your Brushes

    Makita 9564cv rear housing Pull rear housing from your grinder motor housing.
    Makita 9564cv grinder housing Start by removing the black housing of your Makita Grinder.
    9564cv motor housing Be careful when removing the Makita cb-336 brushes that you don’t clip the brush leads. Simple pull the brush lead from the connector and slip brushes out of the brush holder. There will be a hold down spring that will slip back on its own as you remove the brushes. There will be a brush on both sides of the grinder.
    Makita cb-336 brushes Compare the old brushes with the new ones. If it’s a brush problem there will be significant wear.
    9564cv back housing Now reattach the black back housing and screw back in the screws. Your grinder should be running like new.
    Makita cb-336 brush replacement Carefully pull back retaining spring with something narrow like a dentists pick and slip new brushes into the brush holder. Then reconnect the brush leads to the grinder.
    Makita 9564CV Grinder Parts Makita 9564CV Grinder Parts
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