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Makita’s 4350FCT Top Handle Jigsaw

  • A Really Great Jigsaw


    A great jig saw should be able to cut delicate curves while also being aggressive enough to handle rougher straight cuts; beyond that, a really great jig saw should be able to perform these cuts in a variety of tough materials like hardwoods, metals and tile. Right? Well, lucky for us, Makita’s new 4350FCT top handle jig saw is equipped to cleanly and comfortably cut curves and straights with smooth lines and totally superior speed. This new jig saw, in fact, is a pretty superior power tool.


    Offering a 6.3-amp motor, three orbital settings and powerful straight cutting, Makita’s 4350FCT is built to cut through just about any industrial material; be it softwood or a decking post, the jig saw easily pushes through tough and delicate materials alike. Because the tool also features 40% less tool vibration and is built with an integrated dust blower and LED light, your cut path clean and lit. The sleek design of the tool also lends to a clear line of site ensuring incredibly smooth, accurate cuts.

    The saw is compact, well-balanced and maneuverable, and because Makita has also spent an extra minute or two designing the tool’s handle (thin, rubberized and ergonomically proportioned), the 4350FCT is comfortable to operate as well. And if you’re worried about noise, the tool is as quiet as it is powerful. Accordingly, if you know that when used at its highest orbital action the tool practically propels itself, you also know, then, that it is the quietest jig saw in its class. This means you get really big power with really low sound output – that’s not bad, right? (and by “not bad,” of course, I mean, “that’s really incontestably great”).

    The saw’s electronic speed control maintains speed under load and with a variable speed action (from 800 – 2,800 SPM), you can match your cutting speed to each application (this equals better cuts) and can keep that speed even in the thick of tough materials (this equals better results and greater productivity). The tool also offers a soft start feature allowing you to ease into cuts and, of course, ensures smoother start-ups. The saw’s 1-inch stroke similarly ensures smooth, fast cuts and because the tool weighs only 5.7-lbs, it’s hearty while still being simply to manage.

    Makita’s 4350FCT offers tool-less blade changes for simple removal and installation and with an on-board hex wrench, bevel adjustments are similarly fast and simple. The tool’s die-cast aluminum base adjusts up to 45-degrees to the right and left and has a positive stop at 90-degrees for solid cutting. The jig saw uses Tang shank blades and includes two B10 blades, two BR13 blades and two B22 blades. Also in the kit is an anti-splintering device, a cover plate, hex wrench and a tool case.

    Altogether, the tool is a great value and a really great jig saw. Delivering everything from superior power and cutting to quit and easy operation, the tool is easily one of the year’s best jig saws.