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M&M Tool and Machinery Welcomes the Complete Line of SawStop Equipment

  • Manufacturing some of the most sophisticated woodworking equipment in the industry, SawStop has reinvented table saw technology, performance and safety. Accordingly, M&M Tool and Machinery is eager and proud to incorporate SawStop and their full line of industrial machines and accessories.


    M&M Tool and Machinery is incorporating SawStop, an industry leader in table saw technology, to bring crafters a newer, safer, and more sophisticated woodworking avenue. With their emphasis in a new kind of safety, SawStop has revolutionized the way crafters interact with their equipment and the way that equipment performs at an internal and fundamental level.

    SawStop’s industrial cabinet saw and their SawStop contractor saw are designed with a unique electronic safety system built to detect electronic fluctuations at the blade. Essentially, the saw is designed to know when something, particularly flesh, makes even the slightest contact with the blade. Upon detection, an aluminum brake is thrust into the blade, stopping it within milliseconds of said contact. This mechanism has literally saved thousands of crafters from catastrophic injury.

    More technically, SawStop’s safety system induces an electrical signal onto the saw blade. This signal is constantly monitored for fluctuations by a digital signal processor. Because the human body is inherently conductive, its proximity and contact with the saw blade produces a fluctuation in the electrical signal which, in turn, understands that the blade has made contact with something other than the cutting material. Within a fraction of a second of this detection, a heavy-duty spring pushes an aluminum block (a brake pawl) into the teeth of the blade forcing it, as well as power to the saw’s motor, to an immediate halt. According to SawStop, this action occurs in just 3 – 5 milliseconds, or 1/200th of one second.

    Ultimately, SawStop has evolved both the mechanics of the table saw and the relationship carfters have with their machinery. As such, M&M Tool and Machinery is proud to partner with SawStop and proud to participate in their focus on safety, awareness and staggering high-performance. Welcoming SawStop to their inventory, M&M Tool and Machinery now offers nearly every major woodworking and power tool manufacturer in the industry.

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