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Rockwell’s RK2515K2 3RILL Impact Driver

  • Get 3RILLed – 3 Drilling Functions in 1 Compact Tool


    We all want a little more for a little less and where our power tools are concerned we all want more power and more functionality with less weight and a smaller price tag. Well, for all of us crafters that have waited for the perfect combination tool, for the best synthesis of “more for less,” it has arrived. Rockwell has just released a 3-in-1 combination impact driver that offers the functionality of a screwdriver, a 2-speed VSR drill and an impact driver in one compact and ergonomic cordless tool.


    Rockwell’s RK2515K2 3RILL, in fact, is really the first tool of its kind. Offering tremendous functionality through a huge range of applications and the compact, maneuverable body of a 12v, 2.7-lb screwdriver, the 3RILL delivers huge power and versatility with a conveniently super-small package. – In impact mode, the tool offers 800-in/lbs of torque rendering it a real bully and, while in drill mode, the thing not only features dual speeds, but it offers up to 2200 RPM. In screwdriving mode, the tool features 22 individual clutch settings and can be set to deliver as low as 3-in/lbs of torque. This variety of settings allows users to perform a huge range of applications from incredibly delicate to intensely heavy-duty. In other words, the tool allows you to gently drive a soft brass screw without incident and, with a quick adjustment, allows you to drive a giant lag bolt, too. Not bad, right?

    Coupled with the size and usability of this tool, the versatility of Rockwell’s 3RILL is virtually unmatched. Functionality, though, isn’t the only thing this tool does right. Designed for comfortable operation, the RK2515K2 is compact, ergonomic and weighs just over 2.5-lbs. Its lightweight body renders the tool comfortable during extended use and awkward applications and, because the thing utilizes advanced smart chip Lithium Tech batteries, the tool is more powerful for longer periods. And it’s not only that smart chip or the fact that these batteries will take a 75% charge in only 15 minutes that render your tool battery a worry of the past – if you register the tool up front, Rockwell will replace your batteries for the life of the tool. Of course, conditions apply, but that’s a big deal and its refreshing to see a manufacturer stand so firmly behind their product.

    The impact functionality of the tool necessitates the use of a quick-change hex type chuck. This, in turn, necessitates the use of 1/4-inch hex shank bits. While changing bits from drilling to driving is super easy with this chuck type, it also contributes to some occasional wobble while working. Worry not, though, a 3-jaw keyless chuck is available as an accessory to the 3RILL (about $30); this chuck snaps into the existing chuck allowing you to use the driver with additional bit types. Altogether, the RK2515K2 3RILL includes 2 Lithium Tech batteries, a fast charger and a carrying case. With model number RK2515K2.1 and for just a few bucks more, you may also get a 26-piece accessory kit and a right angle drilling attachment.