Shop Talk

September 2010's Quick Tip of the Month

  • One Drop Per 3,000 Shots


    The “one drop” rule is generally the most effective method of oiling your pneumatic guns. Before using them, simply plop one drop of oil into the end of the gun for every 3,000 nails shot. Be weary of both over and under oiling, both will cause an unworthy amount of trouble. Over-oiling creates a sludgy, sloppy build-up that causes the gun to stick and perform poorly. Under-oiling is another common misstep that causes the tool’s o-rings to dry-up and crack. Under-oiling also creates a metal upon metal friction within the gun that can cause additional internal breakage..  An expensive fix for just missing a drop of oil.. Simply remember “one drop per every 3,000 shots” and your gun should remain shooting smooth and precise.