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Skil MAG77LT, A Lightweight Worm-Drive Saw with Heavy Duty Features

Posted by Mallory Kramer on January 22, 2015

Skil Introduces the MAG77LT, The Lightest Worm-Drive Circular Saw on the Market

Skil pioneered the circular and continues to innovate it’s design. Their latest Skilsaw is engineered to offer crafters a better tool with better features that will deliver better performance, and better results. That’s quite a lot of “betters,” but, trust me, they’re appropriate. The new Skil MAG77LT enters the marketplace as the lightest weight circular saw available – and it’s stocked with additional features to ensure this unit hits the shelves as an invaluable cutting tool.

Owing to a new design focused on durable magnesium components, Skil has revamped the saw from the inside out. Now, not just the guard and baseplate are magnesium, but the motor and gear housing is, too. This adjustment shaves dead weight from the tool while also promising total durability. This means you have a solid, reliable saw that won’t wear you out while you use it. The thing also sports a snappy 15-amp motor allowing you to rip through more material in less time. And while you’re ripping all that lumber, you’ll be grateful for the saw’s oil lubricated worm drive gears for maintaining a smooth performance that’s surprisingly quiet.

In addition to superior performance, the new Skil MAG77LT circular saw also offers excellent handling. Its durable ABS plastic handles have soft grips for comfortable maneuverability, and an anti-snag lower guard ensures smooth, no-bind cutting – even the challenging, ultra thin cuts won’t get bound-up as you cut. One of the favorite new features of this saw, is its relocated spindle lock. The mechanism is now more accessible to legitimately make blade changes faster and easier. The circ saw also features a 53-degree bevel, giving you two more degrees than its predecessor, and more room to complete a broader range of tasks. Of course, the bevel is easy to read and offers a spring stop at 45-degrees for cutting convenience.

Skil’s Cut-Ready depth-of-cut system facilitates fast and accurate depth measurements. The system also includes clear markings at 1/4-, 1/2-, and 3/4-inch for cutting plywood and 1- and 2x dimensional lumber. The saw’s magnesium foot is designed for greater durability while also featuring a cubby for the included multi-purpose wrench. This one tool can be used to replace the blade and brushes, adjust the depth-of-cut and bevel controls, check oil and etc. The included carbide blade is impact resistant for intense cuts and, oh, yeah, at 13.2-lbs (with the blade, cord and etc), the saw is still the lightest weight circular saw in the industry.

Altogether, the new Skil MAG77LT is a terrific little saw. The tool offers exceptional cutting, easy handling, fast blade changes, and a body design that’s lightweight and durable. The saw will rip through your projects without ripping up your muscles, and it can take all the hard knocks of jobsite life, too. It’s both tough and accurate to better meet all your needs on the job. See, better, right?