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The Featured Tool of April 2010

  • Evolution Rage 7-1/4” TCT Multipurpose Circular Saw


    Over the past several years Evolution tools and products have truly proven to be worth their striking name. Building equipment that is everything from efficient to economical, Evolution has a revolution on their hands with their line of Rage saws, particularly their Rage 7-1/4” TCT multipurpose circular saw. With an entirely reinvented blade design and a tool body that is both industrially tough and ergonomically comfortable, this Rage circ saw lives up to every expectation.

    The Rage’s unique blade cuts through steel, aluminum, plastic, and wood (even with embedded nails, staples, or etc) with a truly surprising ease, and because these cuts are made both clean and fast without producing (nearly) any burr or sparks, the blade moves like a little miracle through any variety of materials. In fact, cutting laminates with smooth precision, and moving through industrial metals without hesitation, the saw begs only one question: why buy any other when you can do so much with this one?

    Appealing to all crafts and tradesmen, this multipurpose cutting machine smoothly cuts through steel up to 6mm thick (for 50m before dulling), and because of its meticulous design, your cut-lines are clearly and conveniently visible. Requiring no coolant while cutting steel, the Rage blade is innovated for both big smarts and big strength; these cold cuts are smooth and because they’re cold, they also allow you to immediately handle your materials without worry. Additionally, the tool’s redesigned multipurpose blade is not only groundbreaking but durable to boot – cutting up to 164 feet of 1/4” steel, the saw and blade are ridiculously powerful, and surprisingly high-performance.

    The saw also incorporates a dust collection system in its top guard to automatically collect any wood or metal clippings, and with a high-torque, 1050 watt, 3500 RPM motor and high-torque gearbox, the saw’s powerful, durable components also contribute to the Rage’s overall awesomeness. The saw bevel tilts at 90-45 degrees, and with a fitted (removable) riving knife, this saw has all bases covered. Additionally, weighing only 14.3 lbs, and including goggles, earplugs, a molded carrying case, and an extremely affordable price-tag, the saw is generally brilliant – a worthwhile and versatile contribution to any builder and any tool collection.