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The Featured Tool of December 2010

  • Senco FN65DA Fusion Finish Nailer:


    The Beginning of the Future of Pneumatics 


    Combining the very best of both pneumatic and cordless power tool technologies Senco Fusion is one of the most groundbreaking developments the power tool industry has yet to see. In fact, there is an extremely high-probability that this Fusion Technology will change the entire future of pneumatic power tool manufacturing and design. 


    You see, the Senco FN65DA Fusion finish nailer wields no cumbersome cords, hoses or compressors, and no extra weight or expensive fuel cells. The tool is light-weight (weighing only 6.2 lbs) with a sassy and stream-lined design that renders it one of the most effective nailers ever built. Utilizing an exclusive an intensely cool Lithium Ion Phosphate (LiFePo4) battery and charger system the gun is seriously efficient, and because the battery accepts an 80% charge in only 15 minutes and a complete charge in only 45, the nailer keeps you firing for longer periods and with far less idle time. This LiFePo4 battery power is not only lighter, but also more environmentally friendly than its competition, a factoid I think we all can appreciate, and yet another cherry atop the Senco Fusion sundae. 

    So, if you’re wondering how the Fusion makes all its magic happen, how it intends to bring down the house with the most brilliant pneumatic innovations in more than a handful of years, let me tell you a bit about how the guts work in this new breed of precision nailer. For starters, a streamlined gear box and lifter work together to force the tool’s piston and driver blade against a recycling pocket of self-contained air (or, more accurately, nitrogen) which rests inside the cylinder. The action between parts immediately compresses that nitrogen enabling it to powerfully and consistently drive nails with the simple pull of a trigger. From here, your fasteners fire instantaneously and with striking accuracy to deliver a smooth shot and perfectly secure results. Additionally, the air pressure inside the gun is pre-set and permanently sealed during fabrication and, allegedly, requires absolutely no recharging. This means Senco has built, essentially, the most self-sustaining, most evolved, most efficient nailer on the market today; a trophy tool well worth all the accolades

    The nailer additionally features Senco’s patented Reflex-Shot mechanism providing an instant shot with each trigger-depression (up to 500 shots per each charging cycle)
    , and with their EZ-Clear removable magazine, removing fasteners is quick and simple as well. The gun’s magazine (with its 110 fastener capacity) and drive cylinder are additionally built with a durable aluminum to enhance the tool’s balance and overall longevity, and with a nose-mounted LED light integrated into the tool, the gun offers superior visibility despite tight, dark, or otherwise imperfect working environments. Of course, the Fusion also features a selectable drive switch, a thumbwheel depth of drive, and an adjustable and reversible belt hook (which is actually quite cool) for the very best of convenience, capacity, and mobility.

    Ultimately, with unrivaled durability, precision, and pneumatic technology, the tool is ideal for an endless number of applications from baseboards and cabinets, to trim, paneling, and door and window casings. Additionally, for your pneumatic nailing convenience, the nailer also includes an 18v battery and charger, and a portable, durable tool case.