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Bosch's ROS65VCL Random Orbit Sander

  • A 5” & 6” Rear-Handle Random Orbit Sander With Vibration Control


    Bosch is well known for building some of the most impressive, most high-performance power tools in the industry today. Accordingly, it should come as no surprise that their ROS65VCL is one of the smoothest, most comfortable to operate industrial random orbit sanders to ever hit the market. Still, the tool glides, maneuvers and operates with such incredible smoothness, one can’t help but be a little shocked.

    Utilizing Bosch’s exclusive suspension system, the sander offers superior vibration control eliminating nearly every hint of vibration or discomfort from the tool’s operation. The tool handles with superior precision and delivers optimal operator control and, designed with multiple ergonomic soft-grips to further enhance user comfort and control, users enjoy significantly less working fatigue and better overall results. The tool’s rear-handle position renders the tool comfortable and controllable and with a removable front handle, users can can achieve both greater controllability or greater access into tight or awkward spaces.

    To get back to the basics, though, this random orbit sander is powered by 3.3Amps of juicy force and with a variable speed dial, users can optimize that power by setting it to specific materials and tasks. With this high-power motor and sanding versatility, the tool has the ability to perform an array of applications from fast and aggressive stock removal to delicate, smooth, and perfectly blended finishes. The tool’s trigger switch additionally features a lock-on button for greater efficiency and usability.

    The sander is built with a durable die-cast aluminum gear housing for enhanced durability, and because this housing is also engineered with an exclusive dual-bearing pad mount, the component additionally contributes to the tool’s low vibration, low wobble performance and its overall longevity. And just in case you were concerned that that amazingly smooth, comfortable performance, ergonomic design, variable speed dial and durable construction just weren’t going to cut the mustard, the ROS65VLC additionally offers two dust collection systems. Two. The thing is outfitted with both a microfilter dust canister (with an integrated paper filter and screw-off/on cap) and a vacuum hose connection with an airflow control feature.

    Furthermore, to prevent swirl marks and encourage the most perfect finishes, the sander additionally features an integral pad dampening system and with high-performance, soft microcellular hook-and-loop backing pads, the sander is sensitive to, and truly ideal for, the many varying forms and contours of your materials and projects. Although this particular model (awesomely) functions with (and includes) both 5” and 6” diameter backing pads, the sander is available with just the 5” pad (model number ROS65VC-5) or just the 6” pad (ROS65VC-6). Again, this model is designed to work with both diameter sizes ensuring you have exactly the right amount of sander for each application.

    Altogether, the sander, despite its comfortable, compact size, is a real Goliath in terms of performance. With an unparalleled smoothness of operation and seamless results in both aggressive and delicate applications, the sander will fast become a favorite in any tool repertoire. Bosch’s ROS65VCL random orbit sander kit includes the aforementioned removable front handle, and soft 5” (RS038) and 6” (RS6045) backing pads, a tubular dust canister, vacuum hose adapter, a 5mm pad wrench and an L-Boxx.