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The Rockwell SoniCrafter Deluxe Professional Kit

  • The Rockwell SoniCrafter Deluxe Professional Kit


    Rockwell’s RK5102K 72 piece deluxe, professional oscillating tool kit is one of the most versatile, comprehensive, and innovative tools on the market today. It may seem unnatural or unusual to accompany these accolades with the term “affordable,” but as it turns out, the SoniCrafter and the RK5102K, represent the most affordable and practical multi-tools available. This kit exceeds all expectations including 71 accessories, variable speeds, and the high-performance oscillating power to perform a limitless number of applications.

    This deluxe kit is fast becoming one of the most popular multi-tool options on the market today. With more than comprehensive inclusions and the power and capacities to conquer nearly any, every, and all applications, this growing popularity comes at no surprise. The tool’s oscillating movement is the key to its incredible efficiency; this technology results in smooth, simple operation, and the versatility to perform in all situations with uncommon high-performance. The tool can cut, saw, scrape, sand, shape, polish, and remove grout with professional precision, and operation is friendly to every type of user. Whether you’re a beginning do-it-yourselfer, a homeowner, or the most seasoned craftsman the SoniCrafter is designed to be comfortable in the hands every user. Weighing only 2.8 lbs the tool’s slim body design ensures you always have a secure, comfortable grip, and the tool’s on/off switch sits right atop the tool for easy accessibility. Rockwell has also payed special attention to this tool’s interior components – an aluminum gear housing contributes to the overall strength and lightweight of the tool, and with a 2.3 Amp motor, the tool has the bite to back up its bark. The SoniCrafter additionally boasts variable speeds for the utmost versatility and accurate operation under and circumstances.