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The Featured Tool of February 2011

  • Milwaukee’s M12 2411-22 3/8-Inch Hammer Drill Driver The Industry’s First Sub-Compact Hammer Drill


    Milwaukee is a ground-breaker. For nearly ninety years Milwaukee has been, both literally and figuratively, breaking ground with intensely high-performance standards and industrially high-performance power tools. In fact, their 2411-22 hammer drill driver, one of the newest additions to Milwaukee’s already massive industrial line-up, not only offers an unparallelled power-to-weight ratio and exceptional jobsite versatility, it is the first sub-compact hammer drill to ever hit the market, the first tool if its kind to boast the intense power of a 1,500 RPM motor and the sub-compact body of, well, nothing we’ve ever seen before. Like I said, pretty groundbreaking. 


    The tool, it seems, intends to enhance the existing standard, intends to make mincemeat of existing competition, and do it all with uncommon style. At only 2.8-lbs and totaling just 7-5/8-inches long, the hammer is designed to provide intense power from a strikingly petite package. Accordingly, despite weighing under 3-lbs, the thing still packs enough power to bore holes in concrete, brick, block, and other masonry materials. In brief, the hammer simultaneously provides uniquely comfortable operation, simple portability, and totally optimized high-power. 

    Furthermore, we’ve found that the tool’s small size contributes to a much more controllable, more operational hammer drill than most others entering the market. And because it also combines hammering action, drill-driving operation, and a powerful motor, the tool manages a slew of applications despite being only one little body. Additionally, although the thing does still produce some vibration, its small weight and size render the difficulties of vibration nearly null. 

    Additionally, boasting 275 in-lbs of torque with 18 different torque settings and a two-speed transmission ranging from 0 – 400 RPM (low-gear) and 0 – 1,500 RPM (high-gear), the hammer is ideal for a huge array of working applications. The thing also produces 22,500 BPM ensuring you move through these applications with surprising speed and ease. Additionally, the tool’s gear box and 3/8” single sleeve ratcheting chuck are all-metal fabricated and contribute to the tool’s overall durability, powerful grip, and secure bit retention.

    The 2411-22 also has an integrated fuel gauge to display its remaining run-time, and with a surprisingly effective LED light also built into the tool, both your vision and over-all on-top-of-it-ness are totally enhanced. Powered by Milwaukee’s exclusive 12V RedLithium battery technology, the tool additionally boasts long run-times and superior power from a strikingly lightweight power source. These RedLithium batteries also accept a full charge in only 30-minutes rendering the tool and its battery system more efficient, really, than you can shake a stick at. And what’s more, the tool kit is really affordable. At roughly $160, the tool is all-that and an incredible value as well.

    There is, really, nothing like this tool on the market. It provides the best of compact hammering with the universal usefulness of drill-driving and gives it all to us tradesmen in only one package. And, for comprehensive convenience, the hammer drill driver kit additionally includes two RedLithium batteries, a 30-minute charger, and a hard carrying case.