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Makita SH01W Cordless 12v Lithium-Ion Circular Saw

  • Building some of the most awesome power tools to ever grace the industry, Makita has earned and solidified its reputation as one of the foremost manufactures of power tools and industrial equipment. Of course, this reign of general supremacy is not expected to end soon, and with the release of the SH01W, their newest compact circular saw, Makita’s evolution isn’t slowing down either.


    The SH01W 12v lithium ion compact cordless 3-3/8” circular saw kit is, simply, a power tool every single person, crafter or nor, should own. It’s an incredible little tool with a powerful and durable Makita-built motor that produces 1,400 RPM – this power is not only impressive considering the overall size and weight of the tool, at only 3.3-lbs, but it also contributes to the tool’s smooth, fast cutting and always precise cut-lines.

    Because the saw is designed to be compact, its 3-3/8″ blade only offers a 1″ cutting capacity. This, however, is not such a bad thing – said capacity really allows you to cut through or into just about anything and is an earnestly perfect size for cutting drywall, particleboard, or any other sheeted materials. The saw also offers an adjustable cutting depth from 1″ at 90° to 5/8″ at 45° and a tilting base to allow for bevel cuts from 0° – 45°. So, although the saw is less ideal for production work, it is ideal for anyone with generally lighter-duty cutting needs (i.e. maintenance workers, cabinet installers, homeowners, and etc).

    In addition to the saw’s extremely compact design, the SH01W also features a long, ergonomic soft-grip handle for comfortable handling and operation, and with a meticulously balanced design, the saw’s pressure is evenly distributed for optimal controllability. The tool’s integrated dust blower also contributes to its overall ease of operation keeping your cut-lines clear and visible and your workspace clean and dust-free.

    Because the SH01W is powered by Makita’s lithium ion battery and charging system, the tool additionally boasts longer periods of run-time and a much lower self-discharge rate. And, if you’re interested, and you should be interested, the charger has also earned the coveted ENERGY STAR label for meeting the rigid energy-efficient guidelines set by the US Environmental Protection Agency and the US Department of Energy. And that, my friends, altogether makes-up one really incredible tool.

    The SH01W circ saw kit additionally includes two 12v max lithium ion batteries, a battery charger, and a 20-tooth carbide-tipped blade. And, with a 3-year warranty on the saw itself and a 1-year warranty on the battery and charger, the kit is complete, comprehensive and designed to deliver some of the best cutting and cutting results in the industry.