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Porter-Cable’s 560 Quik Jig: 

The Industry’s Smartest Pocket Hole Joinery System

  • The process of pocket hole joinery consists, simply, of drilling an angled hole into a workpiece which is then attached (or joined) to another workpiece with a self-tapping screw. This joining process may seem simple, but it is remarkably successful, and, with the help of jig system like Porter-Cable’s new 560 Quik Jig
    , pocket hole technology is one of the foremost joinery techniques in the woodworking industry. In fact, the 560 has evolved the jig system, an already awesome and invaluable piece of equipment, into a much more versatile, more substantial and overall smarter tool.

    Designed to help users make a tight, clean, glue-free wood joint, this jig essentially manages all pre-drilling processes and, unique to the 560, does it with an incredible amount of smarts. In fact, the thing does most all the brain work for you. The tool is integrated with an automatic depth control system which allows the jig to prepare itself for different material thicknesses (up to 1-1/2” thick). In other words, the 560 has the capacity to auto-adjust depending upon the thickness of your current workpiece. This, of course, means, you are no longer saddled with a series of calculations or estimates before engaging a different material thickness – the Quik Jig automatically accommodates.

    In the form of a screw length gauge, this automated system also calculates and recommends the most appropriate screw length required for each varying material thickness. The tool’s self-adjusting clamp automatically adjusts to material thicknesses and its repeatable clamp simplifies and enhances your ability to work with multiple pieces at once. The tool is outfitted with an integrated drill bit collar (also automated – meaning you never need to adjust this component) and because the thing is almost entirely self-adjusting, users are no longer obligated to modify the tool with each workpiece – the Porter-Cable 560 simply does it for you.

    Essentially, a user need only clamp the wood and drill the hole; everything else is done by the jig. Based upon the stopping point of the clamp, all other components of the jig adjust themselves into the correct position – I’m not sure there is a way to make this joinery process simpler than that. I am sure, however, that this is a staggering advancement and one that will, without a doubt, enhance the working environments and results of serious pocket hole users. Additionally, because the tool appears to be built to withstand an Armageddon, it is substantial enough to eliminate any drift that might occur over a series of workpieces.

    The Quik Jig also features variable spaced bushings providing users greater versatility for pocket hole placement and a removable rear dust port that can be used with either a Porter-Cable dust extractor or with a standard vacuum. There is a side depth stop allowing users to easily drill holes into the same point off the edge of a board and with the integration of a secondary smaller clamp, users can change workpieces without releasing the larger primary clamp. This ensures simplicity and efficiency during every moment the jig is engaged. The thing is also equip with adjustable hole spacing, simple mounting holes and always convenient on-tool storage.

    Aesthetically, the Quik Jig is amazing to look at, and practically, the tool is amazing to use. Uniting the best of high-performance, heavy-duty power, ergonomics and exclusive technologies, this 560 Quik Jig is a beautiful tool with a beastly personality. The only downfall with this jig, in fact, is not even associated with the tool itself but more specifically with the manufacturer – you see, the jig doesn’t have a case; this is silly and actually quite shocking. It is my hope that a case will be developed for the jig as it becomes a more popular item.

    So – ideal for cabinet work, built-ins, and any other such woodworking application that might require a wood joint, this machine has the honest-to-goodness chops to produce flawless work and to make any operator proud. The 560 includes the Quik Jig itself, a 6″ square drive, 3″ square drive, 3/8″ drill bit, drill bit collar, hex key, twenty (20) 1″ screws, forty (40) 1-1/4″ screws, forty (40) 1-1/2″ screws, a clamp, and the product’s instruction manual (read it!).