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The Featured Tool of July 2012

  • The Makita RJ01W 12V Max Reciprocating Saw

    A Compact Saw With Colossal Power


    For decades Makita has been known for their countless innovations to the power tool and production industries. They have evolved the way we work and improved the tools we work with; in doing so, Makita has changed the face of the the construction and woodworking industries and has changed the expectations crafters have for their power tools and for the results gleaned from them. With the release of their newest reciprocating saw, the Makita RJ01W, Makita has maintained their reputation of total innovation and uncontested high-performance.

    The RJ01W cordless reciprocating saw seems impossibly compact while still offering superior strength and cutting power. Because the saw is fueled by Makita’s superior 12V Max Lithium-Ion system, the tool is both reliable and terrifically efficient. In fact, Makita maintains that the saw can pulverize 1-1/2-inch PVP pipe 25% faster than the leading competitor. Of course, and thanks to Makita’s evolved engineering, all that bite comes from a reciprocating saw that weighs only 2.6-lbs. Yes, that’s 14-inches of Makita recipro saw, a 1/2-inch stroke, 2-inch max cut depth and 0-3,300 strokes per minute from 2.6 measly pounds; that’s less than your right foot might weigh and, unless you’re a giant, it’s less still than the weight of one typical steel-toed boot. Not bad.

    Additionally, the Makita RJ01W is built with a high-efficiency, high-performance motor with variable speeds (ranging from 0-3,300 SPM), and because the tool also features a 1/2-inch stroke length, the recipro saw delivers totally optimized cutting speeds for better, faster results. The thing also features a tool-less blade change system which increases your productivity and good-mood on the job as it is remarkably easier to remove and install blades. In the interest of your convenience and personal preference, the saw also features a dual-position on/off switch, a Makita exclusive, that allows users to select between trigger switch and paddle switch operation.

    In addition to the incorporated LED worklight designed to keep even the dimmest work-spaces illuminated, Makita’s RJ01W features a redesigned rubberized soft-grip engineered to ensure your comfort and control are maximized on the job, and, as aforementioned, because the saw is so perfectly compact and expertly ergonomic, operating this reciprocating saw is as fulfilling as a piece of pie. That’s pretty good, right? The power tool kit includes two (2) 12V Max Makita Lithium-Ion batteries for maximum run-time and power output, and also includes a super-efficient Energy Star charger and two (2) reciprocating saw blades. In other words, the Makita RJ01W comes with everything you need to bring the house down, literally. Cut and demolish with ease, speed and total satisfaction with this compact, cordless, reinvented reciprocating saw.