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The Featured Tool of June 2011

  • In Review: Makita’s BDA350 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Angle Drill Kit


    Most everyone, crafter or not, is aware of the universal and unparalleled usefulness of a power drill. They simply make everything easier. Living and working are exponentially simpler with a power drill at your side, but, as with all other things, the standard power drill is fallible. It can be bulky and cumbersome, it can get in the way or simply not meet the stealthy requirements of some applications. But where does one turn when that standard power drill just can’t cut the mustard, when it simply can’t get into that cabinet, drawer, or corner? 

    Well, the answer is much simpler than trying to jam your drill into something far too small or some space too hard to access. The solution is, simply, a right angle drill; Makita’s BDA350 cordless 18V lithium-ion 3/8” angle drill, to be exact. This drill, in fact, is designed to work where traditional drills can’t, it’s designed to make your working life even better, and designed with a perfect slim profile for the most optimized close-quarter drilling and driving.

    Because you really ought to be interested in this tool, allow me the pleasure of sharing just a few of its most handsome features. First, the tool is built around a Makita four-pole motor that delivers a powerful 121-in/lbs of max torque. Second, the thing weighs just 4-lbs rendering it both masterfully powerful and lightweight enough for comfortable use during continuous, awkward, overhead applications. Essentially the tool crams a truly significant amount of power, performance and agility into a surprisingly small, sleek, lightweight and comfortably ergonomic package.

    The angle drill also offers variable speeds (ranging from 0 – 1,800 RPM) providing a huge range of drilling and driving applications, and because the tool also incorporates LED lights to illuminate your work space (no matter the working conditions), the tool delivers an excellent line of site, the slim profile to work in even the smallest spaces, and immense power that can be manipulated to match each working application. 

    Additionally, because the tool is powered by Makita’s LXT lithium-ion battery and (30-minute) rapid optimum charging system, the thing boasts a vastly longer run-time, 3x more charge cycles, and constant, consistent high-power that is, really, kind-of unbeatable. The battery and charger are built with superior technology to ensure they deliver the most optimal performance and to ensure the tool itself consistently performs beyond expectation. Altogether, the tool is sleek and tough and drills with always powerful precision – even where your traditional drill can’t.

    In addition to all that, the angle drill also features a 3/8” keyed metal chuck for improved gripping power, a large soft-grip paddle switch for greater comfort, the coveted Energy Star label, a 3-year warranty on the tool and a 1-year warranty on the battery and charger, 2-18V LXT lithium-ion batteries, 1-30-minute rapid optimum charger, a chuck key, chuck key holder, and the always convenient tool case. And hey, if all that sounds like a bit too much, the tool is also available for purchase by itself (model number BDA350Z).

    So, where the shoes are, perhaps, too small for your standard drill-driver, reach for your angle drill and let the joy of having one wash all over you.