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The Featured Tool of March 2010

  • Makita’s LS1216L Dual Sliding Compound Miter Saw


    Makita’s LS1216L 12″ dual slide compound miter saw is a brilliant and powerful tool that takes Makita’s miter cutting innovations and performance to a whole new, intensely efficient level. With a 15 AMP direct drive motor delivering 3,200 RPMs with smooth, soft starts, and with a huge cutting capacity (up to 8″ crown molding (nested), 6-1/2″ baseboard (vertical), and 15″ crosscut at 90°), the saw has the big power and accommodating design to best any industrial project.


    Despite big power, the saw also has a comparatively compact design with an ergonomic rubberized horizontal D-handle to optimize user control and comfort. A patented four-steel rail system and rubberized feet ensure superior cutting, and with miters at 0°- 52° left, and 0° – 60° right (positive stops at 0°, 15°, 22.5°, 31.6° and 45° (left and right)) the saw is brilliantly smooth and built to manage any variety of cutting and cut angles. The saw also bevels 0° – 45° (left and right) with positive stops at 0°, 22.5°, 33.9° and 45° (left and right as well), and offers an exclusive 5-1/2″ tall dual sliding fence system with versatile upper and lower fence adjustments for perfectly precise miter and bevel cuts.

    The tool’s dual rear handle bevel lock (with front and top facing scales) and one-touch miter lock are easily accessible for simple, accurate adjustments. Electronic speed control maintains constant speed under load for the smoothest, most high-performance cutting, and with an independent laser indicator, you can always clearly see your line of cut and also make precise micro-adjustments for either “left-of-blade” or “right-of-blade” cutting. A transparent blade-guard system also contributes to maximum cut visibility, and large adjustable levers ensure fast and simple fence adjustments. The saw’s large precision machined aluminum base provides support to cut materials for the most efficient cutting, and with a fully enclosed bottom throat plate, your work surfaces and workspaces remain clean and clear. 

    To purchase this beastly miter saw with a durable jobsite stand, Makita offers the LS1216LX. This is the same exceptional tool with a little extra pizazz in the form of a miter saw stand with 9′ material extensions and smart features for simple portability and quick set-ups.

    Ultimately, the LS1216L is an extraordinary power tool. It is among the top players in the miter sawing family, and with its superior design and Makita components, the tool will certainly be a top contender for years to come.