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The Featured Tool of March 2011

  • Bosch’s MX25EC-21 Multi-X Oscillating Multi-Tool

    These days, it seems tool users and consumers are much more interested in cordless power tools than in just about any tool you can find with a cord. Despite this mentality, though, the corded tools keep-on coming, and, really, they keep-on getting better. In fact, Bosch has recently released a corded version of the ever-popular oscillating multi-tool. The newest member of the Multi-X line, the tool boasts the same oscillation technology as other multi-tools, boasts the same ridiculous functionality, and also features higher power and an unlimited power source. In other words, Bosch’s MX25EC-21 Multi-X multi-tool eliminates the unfair trade of ten or fifteen minutes of work, for thirty or forty-five minutes of charging – it, instead, provides unlimited run-time.

    Bosch’s MX25EC-21 is designed to provide superior power and, like other multi-tools, to provide the high-performance versatility that allows you to perform a huge range of tasks and applications from flush-cutting, plunge-cutting, sanding, grinding, grout removal, scraping and etc. The tool’s powerful 2.5 amp motor accounts for the robustness of the tool’s power output, and with an integrated variable speed dial (ranging from 8,000 to 20,000 opm (oscillations per minute)), you can ensure all of that power is used in the right places and with the right intensity as well. The tool is compact and ergonomic for comfortable use in tight and awkward spaces, and with Constant Electronic Circuitry, the tool maintains speed under load and throughout the toughest applications.

    Additionally, one of of the coolest things about the MX25EC-21 is its inclusion of an OSCAD1 adapter. This little baby allows you to use the tool with accessories from competing manufacturers, a luxury one might not fully comprehend until he’s had to search place after place after place for compatible accessories. And, just in case you’re still dissuaded by the cord, the tool is built with a ball-joint cord-swivel to ensure your tool has optimal mobility and that flexible cord stays in fighting shape for a longer period of time. 

    In the end, the tool is comfortable and lightweight weighing only 3.3-lbs, and despite, or because of, its corded design, the tool is extremely functional, with big, precise power, and the unlimited run-time to satisfy every job or project. The tool kit additionally includes a Japanese-tooth wood saw blade, a scraper blade, wood/metal saw blade, a grout blade, sanding pad, 15 wood and paint sanding sheets, that OSCAD1 accessory adapter, an Allen wrench, accessory box, and the always convenient carrying bag.

    Comparatively, the tool comes with a pretty comprehensive list of accessories, a comfortable design, the underrated power of a corded tool, and although slightly less powerful than the Fein Multimaster (but then again, everything is at least slightly less powerful than the Multimaster), Bosch’s MX25EC-21 Multi-X multi-tool is generally awesome and features the big quality and caliber to help you complete nearly every kind project with intense high-performance.