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The Featured Tool of March 2012

  • Makita’s PJ7000 Plate Joiner


    A Joiner for the Modern Craftsman


    For effective biscuit joinery, a good plate joiner is indispensable. Allowing crafters to quickly and accurately cut biscuit slots for their subsequent wood joints, a plate joiner enhances one’s ability to produce fast joints that are also flush and precise. Accordingly, woodworkers rely on these machines to ensure both high-quality results and timely production.

    To the relief of many of these crafters, Makita is busy making waves in the world of plate joinery with a tool designed to simplify the entire operation. Their PJ7000 plate joiner, in fact, essentially pulls all the stops out of the plate joinery process. Offering rack-and-pinion vertical fence adjustments, an ergonomic design and Makita dust collection, the tool is is equip to deliver high-performance joinery with surprising control and comfort. These, of course, are only a few of the features that make this tool notable, it’s the joiner’s 5.6-amp motor and 11,000-RPM that make the thing truly awesome.

    With intense power, Makita’s PJ7000 delivers fast and deadly accurate cuts. Because the thing also boasts that very well-endowed motor, these cuts can be easily made is a variety of wood types and densities. The aforementioned rack-and-pinion fence system is designed to deliver superior fence adjustments and with large, simple-to-operate cam locks, adjusting the fence is fast and easy. For greater ease of use, the tool’s cast aluminum pivot fence additionally has three positive stops at 0-degrees, 45-degrees, and 90-degrees. The joiner also features six depth settings with convenient one-touch stops for the most commonly used biscuit sizes altogether ensuring that each time you engage the machine, your most frequent adjustments are, essentially, pre-adjusted. Additionally, the joiner has a 3/4” cut depth to accommodate biscuits of various sizes.

    The tool’s slim, ergonomic body and large top-grip handle contribute to the joiners uncommon ease of use and because the front body of the joiner is durable cast aluminum, the tools is comfortable to operate and resistant to the abuses of jobsite life. A tool-less blade cover and shaft lock ensures quick and simple blade changes and with no-marring rubber inserts on the tool’s shoe to eliminate slippage, the thing will always remain exactly where you put it. Ultimately, the tool is powerful, durable, accurate and simple to operate rendering it an excellent companion to your biscuit joinery processes.

    The PJ7000 weighs 5.5-lbs and additionally includes a 4” carbide-tipped blade, an angle guide, dust bag, set plate, wrench and tool case. Accordingly, the thing is conveniently loaded to ensure your biscuits are joined better and that your time is more effectively spent.