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The Featured Tool of May 2011

  • Dremel’s 8300-01 Cordless Multi-Max


    The Dremel Multi-Max high-performance multi-tool has fast become one of the most popular multi-tools in the business, and, in fact, one of the most searched for power tools of any kind on the market today. The tool has been something of a phenomenon, and now, having released the 8300-01, a cordless version of their Multi-Max oscillating multi-tool, Dremel is cutting new ground and slugging the power tool and crafting industries with yet another multi-tool that doesn’t intend to share the spotlight.

    Among many other things, the combination of affordability and high-performance in Dremel’s multi-tools makes them some of the most universally useful and accommodating power tools ever engineered. With the 8300-01, Dremel has seamlessly built that universality into a conveniently cordless design that, accordingly, renders the thing more portable, maneuverable and versatile than ever before. 

    To get a little more technical, the 8300-01 oscillating multi-tool offers variable speeds (3,000 – 21,000 OPM) for a variety of working applications and the unparalleled versatility to confront any repair, remodeling, or restoration project one might possibly encounter. In fact, because the term multi-tool is never taken lightly in the production industries, and because Dremel is not a corner cutting manufacturer, the thing is designed to cut, grind, sand, scrape, remove grout, and everything in between.

    Because the tool is also designed ergonomically for operator comfort and optimal controllability, the tool is simple for any user to operate and yields always amazing results. Additionally, with superior precision and clean performance, the tool is ideal for anyone from professional crafters and handymen to home-owners, hobbyists and do-it-yourself-ers. It’s a truly universal power tool that allows professionals to use high-performance equipment at an affordable price, and allows the average homeowner to work with professional, high-end power tools.

    With the ability to rough-up your rough projects and perform gently during more delicate applications, the tool is safe for all types of project and appropriate for all types of user. Because this Multi-Max also features a soft start mechanism and an electronic brake, you can trust its smooth movements and safe, smooth stops. The tool additionally offers a variable oscillating angle allowing the tool’s head to pivot up to three degrees to the left or right. This variable angle allows you to get the tool into harder to reach or awkward areas with surprising ease, so, whether your slicing through a maze of metal piping, or delicately finishing a restoration project, the cordless Multi-Max can get just about anywhere you need it to go.

    The Dremel 8300-01 multi-tool kit additionally includes two 12v Max lithium-ion batteries (which boast a comparatively impressive run-time), a one-hour charger, a 3/4” wood flush-cut blade, 3” wood and drywall saw blade, a hook and loop pad, sandpaper in a variety of grits, and the always convenient storage case. Imagine what you could repair, remodel, and restore with a multi-tool.