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The Featured Tool of May 2012

  • Milwaukee’s 2603-22CT FUEL Drill/Driver Kit


    Utilizing what Milwaukee claims to be the world’s most advanced technologies to innovate this 18v drill/driver, the Milwaukee Fuel 2603-22CT is designed to incorporate the best of both power and ergonomics. Based on the performance of the tool, I’m inclined to believe Milwaukee’s aforementioned claim of superiority to be nothing short of the absolute truth. Producing a presently unrivaled degree of power and performance and featuring a comfortably compact body design, the M18 Fuel drill/driver is built for the ultimate over-achiever and ideal for the most demanding professional.

    Producing up to 650-in/lbs of torque and weighing-in at a meager 4.4-lbs with its battery, the 2603-22CT is the most powerful drill in its class. This is largely due to its redesigned and super-efficient brushless motor. In fact, it’s this new motor that both enables the tool to produce greater power and keeps the tool shockingly lightweight. Replacing the traditional carbon brushes and copper conductors with a tiny electronic circuit board, the Milwaukee Fuel motor generates about 25% more torque than comparable 18v drills and about 30% more than Milwaukee’s previous model. This modification also renders the motor vastly more efficient allowing the drill/driver 50% more run-time per battery charge and a life-time that’s up to 10X longer.

    The M18 RedLithium battery also boasts superior technology and functionality. Offering 5X more recharges than leading competitors, the Milwaukee Fuel battery pack is compact and and seriously efficient. In fact, the tool can drive more than 500 screws in dense wood per each charge. Milwaukee battery technology (RedLink Plus) offers total system communication with overload protection and the battery itself also displays its remaining run-time on an integrated fuel gauge. The tool also includes 2 M18 compact RedLithium battery packs and a multi-voltage 30-minute charger which allows users to charge both Milwaukee’s M18 (18v) M12 (12v) batteries with the same charging unit (and in only 30-minutes).

    The 2-speed Fuel drill/driver additionally offers variable speeds ranging from 0-550 RPM and 0-1,850 RPM ensuring you have the ideal amount of power for a variety of different tasks. The tool’s contoured soft grip also allows users to operate the tool comfortably during extended or awkward applications and because the drill/driver also features an all metal ratcheting locking chuck, the Fuel delivers maximum gripping power, bit retention and total durability. An LED light is also integrated into the tool for optimal functionality rendering the thing altogether, untouchably awesome.

    Ultimately, with its advanced brushless motor, 650-in/lbs of torque, superior battery and charging technology, overload protection, and optimal life and performance, Milwaukee’s 2603-22CT Fuel drill/driver is one of the most impressive tools to hit shelves in a long time.