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The Featured Tool of November 2010

  • Bosch’s GCM12SD Dual-Bevel Axial-Glide Miter Saw


    Its hard to find the right amount and caliber of words to adequately describe Bosch’s new dual-bevel axial-glide miter saw. Because the thing is so far beyond awesome, so far beyond any prior expectation of miter saw construction, the saw stands to not only entirely innovate the way woodworkers work, but the way power tools will be hereafter designed and manufactured. Truly, the saw deserves a hats-off moment of silence. In fact, it probably deserves a national holiday, an Avenue with its name, or at very least a few well-crafted paragraphs to lengthily accolade its ingenuity.


    To begin, the Bosch GCM12SD dual-slide axial-glide miter saw‘s patented axial-glide system is nothing short of revolutionary. Producing a virtually unparalleled smoothness of cut the tool is unbelievably precise and offers optimal operator control throughout every conceivable working condition. The new axial system completely replaces the miter saw’s former and comparatively underdeveloped rail system with two multi-joint articulating (or hinged) arms which appear more akin to a space-robot than a power tool. These cast-iron arms also ensure the saw remains properly aligned and calibrated despite time and unfavorable environments.

    Additionally, the saw’s axial design is not only responsible for its unmatched durability and crazy-smooth precision, but it also folds to sit flush with the back of the saw saving up to 12” of workspace compared with a standard sliding compound miter saw. This also allows you to push the tool directly against a wall for use with literally zero clearance behind it, and because the saw is insanely compact (weighing only 65 lbs), it’s simple to use in cramped, low-space work-spaces and convenient to store and transport. 

    In place of the sliding rail interface of former saws, 12 sealed ball bearings make up the GCM12SD’s new enclosed system, one that maintains its integrity for, essentially, all-time providing the smoothest blade movement and vastly better control. Because this system is also enclosed, its bearings and rollers won’t accumulate jobsite debris thus ensuring it remains with a glide like nobody’s business for its entire life-cycle. The thing also features a glide damper allowing you to adjust the saw’s resistance changing the “glide” mechanism as you see fit. Built with a totally transparent lower guard, the saw additionally ensures you’ll have completely unimpaired visibility through each cut. The GCM12SD, in its perfect completeness, also offers best in class dust collection at 90% dust efficiency when cutting 2x material with a vacuum attached to its integrated standard dual-purpose dust port. 

    The new axial-glide design also expands the miter saw’s cutting capacity to 14” horizontally, 6.5” vertically against the fence (base), and 6.5” when cutting crown against the fence (45 degree spring) for the most optimal usability. Additionally, the saw’s etched stainless steel, easy-to-read miter scale aligns with 10 adjustable miter detents
    allowing you to cut unique angles with accurate detents over the saw’s 52° left to 60° right miter range. Furthermore, two 33.9° bevel stops are conveniently integrated, and the saw’s high-visibility scale enables front bevel angle adjustments from 0 – 47° left or right. Situated conveniently at the front of the saw, its push-button miter detent override additionally offers fractional adjustments for the most precise cut-lines. The saw’s all metal bevel lock lever and range selector are also integrated perfectly into the front of the saw eliminating the need for users to crawl around the thing to make adjustments. The tool’s soft-grip trigger handle is also ergonomic and ambidextrous for the most comfortable use for every craftsman.

    The GCM12SD additionally boasts Bosch’s high-precision Squarelock fence famous for requiring no adjustments, its one touch lock/unlock slide, and its always stable fence support. Precision machining also ensures the two-piece fence is always aligned to the table top at exactly 90° to produce cuts accurate enough to predict the weather (so to spaek). Each side of the miter saw also sports integrated expanding base extensions or material supports that pull-out and lock into position to provide 40 inches left-to-right material support – that’s a full 60% more than the leading competitor. Exclusive to Bosch, this feature provides maximum working space without the use of a bulky table.

    Lastly, Bosch has stuffed this mighty miter with a gorgeous 15amp motor with 3 max horsepower and a resounding 3,800 rpm. In the end, this lion-hearted, space-craft of a miter saw has a surplus of authority, a surplus of power and truly superior innovation, and certainly the good-looks to complete the package with a perfect, glistening cherry on top. The saw is, for lack of a better term, flabbergasting, and performs with something like ethereal precision and perfect simplicity.

    The Bosch GCM12SD axial-glide miter saw includes a 12” (60T) blade, a material clamp, and dust bag for your crafting convenience, and is compatible with Bosch’s LS010 laser washer guide, accessory flip crown stops, the T4B gravity rise, T3B TracRac, and T1B miter saw stand which are all available for purchase separately.