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The Featured Tool of September 2010

  • Dewalt D27905HEPA 10 Gallon HEPA Filter Dust Extractor Vacuum

    Dewalt has just dropped a bomb on the power tool community…

    In the form of a 10 gallon HEPA filter dust extractor with a huge 9 amp motor and 129 CFM of airflow, Dewalt has brought the power tool and woodworking industries to their knees. Providing the most intense suction, the Dewalt D2705HEPA vacuum extractor is extremely powerful, and with variable suction control, you can dictate all that power to the precise consumption and suction forces you require exactly when you require them.
    The vacuum is brilliant and operates with Dewalt’s characteristic smoothness and charm.

    The vacuum is additionally built with an automatic electric shut-off feature for wet applications, and because the machine’s HEPA filter captures 99.97% of all particles greater than or equal to 0.3 microns (or, super extremely tiny) the extractor will single-handedly, and exponentially, increase the safety and overall cleanliness of your shop or work area. The included fleece filter bags also work to keep you more clean and more organized simplifying dust management and disposal while also increasing the life of your HEPA filter as well. Additionally, the vac weighs only 29 lbs
    so it’s both lightweight and completely portable for convenient, simple transportation, and with reinforced casters, the vac is ultra maneuverable as well. The extractor hose is 14ft long and as it’s made with a radical crush resistant design and material, the machine is quite unstoppable. A twist-lock hose connection also keeps the hose securely locked to the tank for your piece of mind during any degree of suction. Additionally, and for overall smooth simplicity, power tool actuation controls the vac’s tool adapter for seamless operation with power tools.