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The Featured TOOLS of October 2010

  • Dewalt’s New and Improved Line of Compact, Cordless 12V Power Tools 

    Despite featuring Bosch’s new line of pneumatic tools in last June’s newsletter, it is not customary to feature more than one power tool each month. Nonetheless, no tool in this new line-up could be very easily overlooked. See for yourself…


    Just in time to satiate our need to hunt and gather before the winter (and Holiday) season settles in, this October Dewalt launches their first line of compact 12v power tools. Taking their time to work out all the kinks and work in all the innovations that characterize Dewalt tools, the new line is anticipated to be well worth the wait. Featuring seven new tools with a redesign that moves the battery directly below the handle rendering it thinner and more ergonomic, the tools are, albeit a bit different, both powerful and comfortable to use. Although this redesign does make the tool handle a pinch larger, it also provides greater stability to the tool when upright and allows the use of a belt-clip – something always convenient and not traditionally found on more compact power tools. Altogether, the line is expected to make a pretty veritable splash within the tool community.

    With several new tools and tool kits the 12v line offers, in brief, Dewalt’s DCF610S2 screwdriver kit, DCD710S2 drill driver kit, DCF815S2 and DCF813S2 impact kits, DCL510 LED worklight, DCT410S1 inspection camera, and DCT414S1 IR digital thermometer making the line complete, comprehensive, and, indeed, totally impressive. 


    To get into just a little bit more detail though, weighing only 2.2 lbs, the Dewalt DCF610S2 12v Max 1/4” screwdriver kit is super compact to better fit into tight and awkward spaces, and despite its single speed transmission, the screwdriver operates with smooth and powerful precision. The tool also has three LED lights on its front to ensure virtually shadowless visibility, a one-handed loading quarter inch hex chuck, and that good-old belt clip for convenient mobility. The kit also includes two lithium ion batteries, a fast-charger, bit-tip, and a contractor’s bag.

    The DCD710S2 12v Max 3/8” drill driver kit which, weighing only 2.4 lbs, boasts the same compact design as the DCF610S2 but with a giant 1500 RPM and a dual-speed transmission to produce the most optimal speed and torque control. The drill driver also has a bright LED light to improve visibility, a belt-clip for comfort and portability. Also like the DCF610S2, this kit includes two lithium ion batteries, a fast-charger, bit-tip, and contractor’s bag for proper organization, storage, and transportation.

    As for the DCF815S2 12v Max 1/4” impact driver kit, it is also lightweight and compact weighing only 2.3 lbs, and with three LED lights at the front of the tool designed to provide shadowless illumination during any work environment, the impact driver provides the utmost convenient crafting. Also featuring a one-handed loading quarter inch hex chuck and a huge 950 in/lbs of max torque, the tool is both seriously powerful and simple to operate as well. Like the others thus far, the kit includes two lithium ion batteries, a fast-charger, bit-tip, belt-clip for convenient comfort, and a contractor’s bag for portability.

    Similarly, Dewalt’s DCF813S2 12v Max 3/8” impact wrench kit shares the slim and lightweight body design of its above counterpart while offering a gigantic 1150 in/lbs of max torque for the most intense impact driving capabilities. Additionally, with three LED lights at the front of the tool, the driver offers virtually unimpaired visibility and also fast socket changes with a hog ring anvil. The kit additionally includes two lithium ion batteries, a fast-charger, bit-tip, a contractor’s bag, and ZERO belt-clips; I repeat there is not a belt-clip included with this tool.

    As aforementioned Dewalt’s new line-up also includes a new worklight, camera, and thermometer. The 12v Max LED worklight, or the DCL510 has a 360 degree pivoting head for optimal usability and puts out a bright 130 Lumens for an always enlightening performance. Additionally, the light is equip with both a kick-stand and a powerful magnet to allow hands-free use is a variety of convenient positions.

    Additionally, the DCT410S1 12v Max inspection camera is an infinitely cool little gadget. With a three foot long, waterproof, snake-like cable extension which allows you to see into, record, and photograph more-or-less impossible spaces (like inside pipes, behind walls, or etc), the camera is ideal for tight or awkward working environments. The camera also features a 3.5” LCD screen monitor (with a 3x zoom capability) that completely detaches for better visibility in strange and strained positions. The monitor also recharges directly from the camera handle so you may simply reattach the monitor or replace the battery to keep working. The kit also includes a lithium ion battery, a charger, storage box, and hook and magnet tools to help you retrieve otherwise not-retrievable objects.

    Lastly, with a focus on general versatility, the DCT414S1 12 Max IR (infrared) digital thermometer scans for temperature changes with color-coded accuracy. With beeping audio alarms and the tool’s patent-pending LED hot (which reads red) and cold (which reads blue) spot indicator, this thermometer quickly locates temperature fluctuations (between negative 20 degrees Fahrenheit and 932 degrees Fahrenheit) with true accuracy. The analog display is simple to read and as it includes a lithium ion battery, charger, and a kit box, the tool is both complete and precise.

    Ultimately, Dewalt’s new 12v line-up is a doozy with the big guns and the big smarts to ensure you are more than equip to handle your next jobs with most powerful and simple sophistication.