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The Handiest Pneumatic Hand Nailers

  • Both simple to use and versatile through a number of applications, a palm nailer is one little tool that makes a big impact. For all types of users from average homeowners to seasoned craftsmen a palm nailer transcends industrial tool borders to be ideal for everyone and every user. With big power, precision, and limitless professionalism, the following nailers are designed take your home repairs and improvements and your professional projects to an entirely higher level. 

    Porter-Cable builds some of the greatest pneumatic tools available in the industry today, and the PN650 palm nailer is a fine example of their standard innovation and superior quality production. With the capacity to drive 1-1/4″ to 6-1/2″ nails (3d to 70d) the nailer is strikingly powerful for its small size. The tool weighs only 2.5 lbs, and with an ergonomic and compact design the tool is always comfortable in your hand. Depth of drive control provides craftsmen with greater control over each application and because the tool also has a glove with a padded Velcro strap (essentially a glove that fits over the nailer with a strap that wraps over the top of your hand rendering the nailer like an extension to your body) it is simple, comfortable, and nearly effortless to use.

    For optimized versatility the tool comes with four different nose tips: a no-mar finish tip for for finish nails up to 3d, a magnetic tip for driving common nails from 3d to16d, a standard tip for driving common nails up to 70d, and lastly, a steel hammer tip for moldings, dowels and even automotive body work. Altogether, the palm nailer is strikingly versatile and has the compact power to drive through nearly every nailing application. The PN650 ranges in price from about $120 – $145, and although this may seem a bit spendy, the tool is truly worth every penny.

    Like Porter-Cable, Senco is also know for building some of the industries finest pneumatic tools – their A20 (PC0781) hand nailer (metal connector) is no exception to this rule. This hand nailer weighs a minuscule 2.5 lbs and fits perfectly into the palm of your hand. Activated simply by light hand pressure on a surface, the nailer will not mar or dent any work surfaces, and because it’s so small, the tool is ideal for joist hangers, metal straps, pole barn assembly, and other tight-space or awkward applications.

    Additionally, the tool is not only ultra compact and lightweight, but it is also well balanced and has a soft rubber palm pad which makes the tool incredibly simple and comfortable to use. A magnetic rail guide ensures fast and easy driving, and with a leather grip/strap similar to the PN650’s, using the nailer is essentially easy and comfortable.
    The tool packs a lot of power for its small size driving bulk nails from 6d to 16d. Ultimately, the tool offers superior comfort, maneuverability, power, unique access into small spaces, and at only about $75, an affordable price tag as well.

    So, in the world of pneumatic hand nailers, one of these little babies from Porter-Cable or Senco is sure to be just what the doctor ordered. With compact power and versatile operation both the PN650 and A20 (PC0781) are tremendous tools with the gusto to bring you always better results.