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The New Shop Fox W1824 Hybrid Table Saw – The Best of Two Saws in One Superior Unit

  • Hybrid is a really great term. When you hear it, one usually knows that whatever term follows is going to represent a really great combination of two other great things. In this case, Shop Fox’s hybrid table saw is exceptional. Combining the best features of a cabinet-style table saw with the best features of a contractor-style table saw, the W1824 is a masterpiece of industrial engineering (and it has a pretty great price tag, too).

    The Shop Fox W1824 is built with the high-performance features and dust control capabilities of a cabinet saw. Those features are then coupled with the more convenient weight and dimensions of a contractor saw ensuring the hybrid is portable while still offering a truly heavy-duty performance. In effect, the hybrid table saw is an ideal machine that fits exactly in-between a jobsite saw and a cabinet saw; its perfect for the many instances in which your jobsite table saw just can’t cut it and your cabinet saw is just too dang big. Ultimately, the W1824 10-inch hybrid table saw provides crafters with a superior alternative to the contractor saw without the overall higher cost of a cabinet saw.

    Though this hybrid machine offers most of the features of a quality cabinet saw (like a heavy-duty construction and closed steel stand) its internal structure is more similar to a contractor-style saw allowing its cost to stay low. The W1824 also features a quick-change blade guard system with anti-kickback pawls that can be positioned away from your workpieces and can be enabled or disabled by the blade guard. An interchangeable riving knife protects operators during non-through cuts and, thanks to a Poly-V serpentine belt and pulley system, the W1824 delivers high-performance operation that is ultra smooth and quiet.

    This Shop Fox hybrid has a precision-ground cast iron table and comes standard with an extra-large, low friction composite extension table. This large table (55-inches by 27-inches) is particularly helpful when cutting sheet goods and, because the saw also features a heavy-duty Camlock T-shaped fence (with HDPE faces), your materials will always remain locked and parallel. An easy glide fence system with knurled knobs for fine adjustments ensures the fence is simple to position, and with cast iron trunnions, a T-slot miter gauge, and a quick release riving knife and blade guard assembly, the W1824 is outfitted for total sawing success.

    Shop Fox has also built this hybrid table saw with a 2-HP, 110V/220V, single-phase motor and the whole kit-and-caboodle includes, of course, all of the above, a 4-inch dust port for efficient dust management, a 10-inch/40-tooth blade, and both a regular and dado blade table insert. The saw offers a maximum depth of cut of 3-1/8-inches at 90-degrees and 2-3/16-inches at 45-degrees. With standard rails the saw can perform a max rip of 30-inches to the right and 12-inches to the left.