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Dewalt Introduces Line of Impact Ready Accessories

  • M&M Tool and Machinery 

    Technology has vastly improved the process of impact driving, and consequently the popularity of impact driving and fastening applications has steadily risen over the past several years. Impact driving now offers superior force with surprising controllability, and now coupled with Dewalt’s new IMPACT READY accessories, impact driving is more practical and efficient than ever before. Toolsandmachinery is pleased to offer Dewalt tools and their new category of stronger, more resistant IMPACT READY products.
    Because impact applications are more aggressive, impact accessories tended to wear too fast. Dewalt’s IMPACT READY accessories were developed to meet the craftsmen demand for a stronger, more efficient accessory. Offering reduced bit breakage and improved versatility, the new bits are now durable enough to stand up to the high-torque of impact driving. These hardened and longer lasting bits will enhance the productivity of craftsmen while also saving them a few dollars on replacement bits. The stronger bits also allow craftsmen to use their impactors for more applications. Before these bits, intensely high-torque applications were out of the question – it would destroy the bit, but Dewalt’s IMPACT READY accessories now perform a greater number of aggressive fastening and driving tasks with far greater durability.

    Specifically designed for endurance in high-torque applications Dewalt’s IMPACT READY accessories are built in six different categories: drill bits, hole saws, fastening accessories, nutsetters, pivot holders and pivot nutsetters, screw driving bits, and driver sockets. Built with a patented one-piece taper web design, the IMPACT READY drill bits are five times stronger than standard hex shank drill bits. With a patented pilot point tip, the bits also perform at greater speeds and with greater precision. With these bits impact drivers can now drill into junction boxes, stainless steel, sheet metal, and steel studs. The IMPACT READY hole saws are designed with an improved tooth pattern and a thin wall for speed and longevity; and for extremely high-torque fastening applications (steel erection or metal framing), Dewalt’s IMPACT READY fastening accessories elevate the capacities of impact drivers on the jobsite. The IMPACT READY nutsetters eliminate stripping and distribute torque across flats. They also have maximized magnetic pull to improve bit retention in impact wrenches and drivers. The IMPACT READY pivot holders and pivot nutsetters have a 20° pivot angle for straight or angled driving, and also for better access into tight areas. IMPACT READY driver sockets are built with a deep, thin-walled design for better access into tight spaces; the design also distributes torque across flats and eliminates stripping. Lastly, IMPACT READY screw driving bits are built to endure intense torque and include Phillips head, slotted, and square bits.

    Dewalt’s IMPACT READY accessories are designed for use with their impact drivers and wrenches like the Dewalt DC827KL impact driver and the Dewalt DC822KL impact wrench.