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Most Awesome Cordless Angle Drills

  • Angle Drills From Makita and Dewalt


    With a slim body design and a smooth angled chuck, angle drills are designed to help you work efficiently despite tight corners and seemingly impossible to reacch tight spaces. Combining power, convenience, and flexibility, cordless angle drills are one of the most helpful, most popular power tools in the business today. Needless to say, there are many options to choose from when one embarks on their journey toward the best angle drill, so, Id’ like to help find the one that best suits you and your individual requirements.

    To begin with the most heavy-duty, high-performance drill, Makita’s BDA350 (18v) angle drill is designed to deliver superior precision and maximum productivity. With 121 in/lbs of torque and 0 – 1,800 RPM, the tool has enough power to champion nearly every industrial drilling and driving application. Variable speeds put you in control over the tool’s wide range of capabilities, and designed with a comfortable, ergonomic shape, the tool is simple to use and comfortable to operate all day. This sleek, compact design renders the drill perfectly ideal for plumbers, carpenters, electricians and hobbyists alike, and being cordless, the tool delivers unmatched convenience, mobility and simplicity on the job. The drill additionally has a 3/8″ keyed metal chuck with improved gripping power and a low profile design that gives you even greater access into close quarters and tight spaces; this means not only that the will drill keep better hold of your bits, but that you will achieve more with them. A built-in LED light illuminates work areas for optimal precision in dim corners and tight spaces, and powered by Makita’s lithium-ion battery system, the BDA350 has vastly extended battery life and run-time. The kit ranges in price from about $330 – $360.

    This next tool is only slightly less awesome as it does not use lithium-ion technology (which I happen to be quite partial to), but all that is made up for in good craftsmanship, and perhaps more importantly, a great price. Makita’s DA312DWD (12v, 3/8″) angle drill ranges in price from about $190 – $210, and is compact and powerful to deliver craftsmen some of the most efficient angle drilling in the business. Utilizing a 2.6AH NiMH battery the tool is reliably strong, and because of its compact design, the tool is a real casanova of close quarter drilling and driving. The drill’s 3/8″ chuck is keyless for the simplest bit insertion and removal, and with a variable speed trigger (ranging from 0 – 800 RPM) operators have complete control over the tool. An electric brake stops the chuck with uncommon quickness contributing to both your safety and working precision on the job. Being compact and lightweight at only 3.5 lbs, the tool is also extremely well balanced for optimized portability and maneuverability, and with overload protection, the motor is protected from burnout during rigorous applications. Ultimately, the tool is a supremely tough and generally affordable solution to close quarter drilling and driving.

    For lighter-duty users that still expect high-quality, Dewalt’s DW960K-2 (18v) cordless right angle drill-driver is a perfect match; costing about $180 – $195, this is a quality, comprehensive kit at a price that is difficult to resist. The DW960K-2, however, isn’t just a good price, its a great tool as well built with innovation and versatility to deliver an angle drill with enough power to back up its sleek design. With two-speeds ranging from 0 – 500 and 0 – 1,500 RPM, the tool is flexible through a variety of applications, and with a reversing capability the tool brings craftsmen more working options on the job. A multi-grip trigger (which allows users to get into tighter spaces while still having access to the trigger) enhances both comfort and controllability as you work, and built with a durable, right angle transmission (and a sealed ball bearing design) the tool’s overall life and durability are vastly improved. The tools 3/8in plastic, two-sleeve chuck helps get even closer in close-quarter applications, and as the tool weighs only 4.7 lbs, it is strikingly comfortable and convenient in every work space. Altogether, the tools unique design and versatile power make it a truly perfect tool for any electrician, plumber, or general craftsmen.

    Ranging in price from about $150 – $180, Dewalt’s DW965K-2 (12v, 3/8″) cordless right angle drill-driver is basically the best deal you’re likely to find for a quality cordless angle drill. The DW965K-2 is an uncommonly versatile tool with the big power to work through challenging conditions and materials, and two-speeds (ranging from 0 – 400 and 0 – 1,200 RPM) plus reversing to help you manage a host of applications. Producing 165 unit watts of maximum power the tool is well suited for nearly every drilling or driving task, and its sleek design renders it a superior performer in tight spaces and corners. A multi-grip trigger keeps you comfortable as you work, and at only 4.1 lbs the tool is ultra lightweight for comfortable operation during continuous work or awkward operation. The tool’s all ball bearing construction and right angle transmission ensure durable high-performance throughout the life of the tool ultimately rendering this little sucker, an industrial performer at a price that no one can argue with.

    In the long and short of it, with cordless power and angled versatility, one of these models is sure to fill the angle drilling void in your life. Good luck and happy crafting!