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Top 5 Coolest New Power Tools: 2010 – 2011

  • With the surplus of new power tools having recently entered the industrial market, many of which being quite incredible, the short-list of this year’s most exciting new power tools has been surprisingly difficult to compile. With comprehensive tool line-ups (Makita, Dewalt, and Milwaukee each introduced a new line of cordless 12v power tools) and some acute power tool innovations that will change the way power tools are henceforth produced (like Bosch’s articulating miter saw and Senco’s pneumatic fusion technology), it seems there are more bar-raising power tools to kudo than can feasibly be mentioned. But, with effort to show no favor to any particular manufacturer or tool type, and in no particular order, let me briefly honor this year’s picks for the most intense, most innovative, or simply most awesome new power tools.

    – Bosch’s GCM12SD Axial Glide Articulating Miter Saw:

    Producing a virtually unparalleled smoothness of cut this Bosch saw is unbelievably precise and offers optimal operator control throughout every conceivable working condition. Its new axial system completely replaces the miter saw’s former (and, comparatively, totally underdeveloped) rail system with two multi-joint articulating, or hinged, arms. This design enhances both the precision and durability of the saw, and also folds to sit flush with the back of the saw saving up to one foot of workspace and allowing you to use the saw with literally zero clearance behind it. The saw is surprisingly compact and with totally unparalleled efficiency, the axial glide miter saw truly has no equal.

    – Milwaukee’s 2426-22 M12 Cordless Oscillating Multi-Tool:

    Milwaukee’s version of the multi-tool is one of the lightest models on the market, its terrifically precise, and surprisingly powerful. Unlike other multi-tools, and a major part of why this tool is so cool, Milwaukee’s 2426-22 is manufactured to be compatible with Bosch multi-tool accessories and includes a universal accessory adapter which allows the tool to be used with accessories from nearly every competing brand. This bold maneuver from Milwaukee coupled with the tool’s superior design, quality, and value render it one of the coolest new power tools in the industry.

    *Additionally, if you are more interested in a corded multi-tool, Bosch has also just released their Multi-X MX25EC-21 – a tool that truly deserves to share this space among the top 5 best new tools. It’s a seriously awesome machine with tremendous powerful, and unlike the cordless models, it provides this big power without any limitations. Like the Milwaukee, this model also offers a universal accessory adapter but includes quite a few more accessories.

    – Dewalt’s DCT410S1 12v MAX Inspection Camera:

    After a significant amount of research and testing, Dewalt has brought to the table a product unlike any other the industry has ever seen, a cordless inspection video and still-shot camera with more innovation than you’ll want shake a stick at. Featuring a flexible, waterproof three-foot extension cable, a 3.5-in detachable LCD screen with a 3x zoom capacity, and a lasting, lightweight, and fast-charging battery system, the DCT410S1 camera allows users to see into, record, and photograph all the jobsite’s otherwise impossible to reach spaces. This new breed of inspection camera allows users to see behind walls, inside pipes, and into the depths of other workzone nooks and crannies with unrivaled ease, range, and efficiency.

    – Festool’s 564250 T 15+3 Cordless Lithium Ion Drill:

    Ahh, Festool – a manufacturer that never ceases to improve not only itself but the industry around it has developed a cordless drill with unequaled precision and ethereally smooth performance. The T 15+3 squeezes an intense amount of power into a terrifically compact design, and with the drill’s FastFix tool-less chuck, easily interchangeable accessory chucks, and the ability to insert a bit directly into the motor, the drill literally does the work of five different tools (including a right angle drill) while remaining true, precise, compact, and lightweight. So, with a lasting, energy efficient brush-less motor, electronic torque and tool health monitoring, two speed settings, magnetic bit storage, the most intelligent lithium-ion battery and charging system, and despite being expensive, the T 15+3 is pretty much the coolest drill ever.

    – Senco’s FN65DA Cordless Fusion Finish Nailer:

    Combining the very best of both pneumatic and cordless power tool technologies, Senco’s Fusion is one of the most groundbreaking developments the power tool industry has ever seen. Requiring no cords, hoses, compressors, or fuel cells, the fusion finish nailer is completely streamlined for superior efficiency, and with a surplus of other perks like an integrated LED light, powerful, fast-charging battery system, patented Reflex-Shot mechanism, and incredible accuracy, Senco has, essentially, built the most self-sustaining, most evolved, most efficient, effective, and influential nailer ever built. As if that wasn’t quite enough, Fusion technology is also more environmentally friendly earning this tool an overall assessment of super awesome.

    And those beauties comprise my top 5 new power tools of 2010 and 2011. BUT, as I stressed before, there has been an influx of tremendous additions to the industrial power tool scene. Said influx, in fact, cannot go without a few more accolades. Accordingly, I have also put together a list of “honorable mentions,” if you will, and I must digress for a small moment if only to say that it pains me to label these tools with a only measly “honorable mention.” Each of them is uniquely innovative, awesome, and entirely deserving of something better than a “mention” of any caliber. But alas, here they are, the most honorable of honorable mentions (in no particular order)(click on the tool descriptions for more information):