Watch The Evolution of Iron Man Armor, Plus 30 Iconic Comic Book Tools


    We love our superheroes but let’s admit it, sometimes when it comes to saving the day even the best of them need a little hand from their trusted and super-amazing gadgets and tools. Yes, even  when they are as mighty as an Asgardian God. Thor might be the chosen one but without the powerful Mjolnir, we’d say he’d have it pretty hard up against Loki. So which are the coolest and the most iconic gadgets and tools of the superhero universe you would die to get your hands on (if they were real, of course)? We made an image that gives you a rundown of all the gadget and tools you should know about, so you never would have to be embarrassed at geek convention again!

    Whether they are the ones with the high-tech mechanisms like Iron Man’s suit (check out the morphing GIF above) or the ones with surreal cosmic powers, we have got it all for you. Get a peek into the super-computer screen of the Batcomputer that tracks any criminal activity for the Dark Knight or prep yourself about the Infinity Gauntlet that grants Thanos infinite powers with its infinity gems before the next Avenger’s movie hits the screen. We already saw a glimpse of that in the after-credits of Avengers: Age of Ultron remember?

    So here’s everything you’ll ever need to know about the gadgets that add the super in our superhero world, all brought together in just one image.